RL Gives Back

Have you ever wanted to do something bigger than yourself? For more than just your family? To change the world outside of the walls of your home?

But felt it impossible to make a difference in the middle of your own hectic momlife survival?

As moms, we have a hundred ways a day to impact those little people who incessantly call for us—Momma! Momma!— cry for us, and can’t live without us. It feels like someone always needs us. (I’ve heard it gets better, but for now I’m right there with you buttoning my 5-year-old’s shirt and pouring a sippy cup of milk for my 3-year-old.)

When we feel that tired and maxxed out with our own family’s needs, it’s easy to think that there is no room to think of others, help others, or contribute to anything else in this season. But then

-we see foster and adoptive families’ needs,

-we are confronted with the bell ringer outside Kroger’s entrance,

-our children bring home assignments to donate canned goods and travel toothpaste for their classroom drive

…and the guilt of not doing enough for others sets in. I’d like to be more others’ focused but most days I’m trying to squeeze in brushing my own teeth and remembering to pack my child a cheese stick.

That’s why I love Rhea Lana’s. If you have ever


-consigned your children’s outgrown items,

-volunteered at a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event, or

-shared or commented on a Rhea Lana’s Facebook post,

then you are doing something to change the life of another mom just like you.  And not just any mom. You are doing something to help a mom right in your local community care for her family.

That’s because Rhea Lana’s give back. Every Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event is founded on moms helping moms. Because it takes a village and we can be each other’s village, even in what feels like small ways. At every single children’s consignment event, Rhea Lana’s gives back to the local community in multiple ways.

Rhea Lana’s is a proud supporter and partner of foster families. Every event offers a dedicated time for foster families to shop for free. So when you consign your clothes, you are serving those families by giving them high quality, valuable apparel for their foster children. You just made giving a child a loving home easier on someone you know!

Rhea Lana’s in many cities partners with local community leaders and authorities. Since these are the men and women aware of so many needs in the community, many Rhea Lana’s owners invite the officers to shop for families. The patrol cars leave stocked with children’s clothing essentials so that the officers can help any family they meet who might be in need. That means if you shared about someone shopping and consigning with Rhea Lana’s, you are part of the help that these local families are receiving.

Rhea Lana’s helps every mom, so that you can too. The best part of a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale is that the benefits of getting high quality apparel at a great value in every style and design, plus the chance to upcycle outgrown items for some extra family income is for your home too.  And when you shop or sell with Rhea Lana, you offer that same opportunity to other families.

Rhea Lana’s consignment events are equalizers, offering exactly what every mother needs. For the mom who wants a couple boutique holiday finds at a great price to the mom who needs to outfit her entire family, every parent can be sure that Rhea Lana’s will help them provide financially for their family, stock up on this season’s needs, build relationships with others, and show their children smart strategies for caring for a growing family.

So take a deep sigh of relief. Simply by being a wise shopping and consigning mother, you are in fact stepping outside of yourself and your family to impact others right around you. It doesn’t take a lot. If each mom does her tiny share (and grabs what her kids need for the season), she helps moms all around the country care for their families too.

Next time you’re stuffing that bag of last year’s sizes to drop at Goodwill, consider instead hanging the clothes in the back of the closet, readying them for the next Rhea Lana’s sale. You’ll earn money for your own pocket and benefit another mom just like you.