Rhea Lana's Voice Recognition Item Entry Feature

Consignors, are you busy gathering your items to enter into your local Rhea Lana's sale?  Rhea Lana's understands how busy life can be so developing our Voice Recognition Item Entry was a no brainer.  The time it takes entering your items into the system will be cut in half and you will be ADDICTED!  


Using Rhea Lana’s voice entry is a convenient way to enter your items into our database while you are on the go.  Simply log into our website at rhealana.com on your smartphone and select the event you would like to participate in.  Once you are on that event’s website, click on Consign in the upper right corner.  Then click on Enter Items/Check Sales or Sign Up To Consign (if a first time consignor).  Enter your log in information, click on Start a New Batch or a saved batch and agree to the terms of use.  On the next screen you will see a green button just under Add an Item that says Click For Voice Entry, click on this button and you are ready to go!   Your smartphone will need to have Siri or some other speech interpreter for this to work.    


Let us know what you think and please, share this info with your girlfriends.   We want entering items to be fun and easy for everyone!!


Here is a video that shows just how easy it can be!