A New Year & A New You : Tips for Creating Habits to Accomplish Goals

A New Year & A New You: Tips for Creating Habits to Accomplish Your Goals

Every year people all around the world make New Year Resolutions.  Each one is unique and special in its own way, but they all have one thing in common. Every resolution is in some way shape or form a goal that is to be accomplished in the year to come.  They can range anywhere from transforming yourself physically to learning to spend quality time together as a family.  Whatever the case, creating good habits are key to obtaining the results you want.  Let’s be honest too, when you are a mother, employee, wife, and friend life can get hectic.  It becomes hard to keep moving forward towards accomplishing those goals. So, in order to help, we have made a list of helpful tips to keep you on the straight and narrow. (I mean we all need a little help to do that right? smiley ) Check out our list below and tell us which tips you want to try!

· FIND YOUR MOTIVATION – Before you do anything else take a moment to look at the goal you have before you and write down why you are choosing to try and accomplish this. This process will help narrow down your goal to something that specifically fits your needs.  Not only does it help you specify the task at hand, but it gives you something tangible to go back and read in times when it might seem easy to give up.  It keeps you motivated!


 · START SMALL – It is always best to start small.  If you try to set a goal that is too big it can begin to seem unattainable and overwhelming at times making it easier to quit.


· BE POSITIVE – Everyone is going to make mistakes. Start the process knowing that you will at some point let yourself down.  Then make the decision to stay positive and keep on going.  It is tempting to give into the critical voices in our head, but it’s much easier to avoid when you have decided you are going to stay positive.


· FIND SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY – Enlisting friends and family who love and care for you is a great way to find a source of encouragement.  From this pool of people it is likely that you can also find a handful of people who will be willing to ask you questions and provide insight to help you achieve your goal.


· SET A SCHEDULE – A huge part of creating habits and achieving goals is being consistent.  The best way to do that is to schedule time to do the tasks necessary in making progress towards your goal.


· SET SHORT TERM GOALS TO ACHIEVE THE LONG TERM GOAL – Everyone needs the reassurance, when trying to makes changes, that they are doing something right. A great way to keep things fresh and new is to have short term goals in mind that can help you achieve your long term goal.   As you begin reaching the short term goals the sense of accomplishment you will feel can give you the boost you need to continue on creating your habits and accomplishing your goals!


Thanks for stopping by. We would love to hear all about your resolutions and your success along the way.  Leave us a comment below!

Your Featured RL Frugalista on Forming Habits,

Kailey Wood