All consignors who ACTUALLY ENJOY the process have a few things in common. You don’t have to be a SUPERWOMAN to get it all done, just get a few things in order and you’ll be happy you started the process.

  1. Take the time to read the website. Rhea Lana’s has a great, user-friendly website with all the answers to your consigning questions. Under the CONSIGN tab you can find an entire section dedicated to merchandise preparation, a pricing guide, and a FAQ page. Get the guidelines in your head so you will work smart.
  2. Have all your supplies together. Many folks use a shoe box or a plastic tub to keep safety pins, string tags, masking tape, ziplocs, rubberbands, pens and sharpies. You wont’ have to go all over the house searching for a pen, it will be an easy set up.
  3. Organize all your items by size before you enter them. It will save you a lot of time when you check in.
  4. Rubberband your hanging items in groups of 10-15 when you bring them in. It will make it so easy to bring them to the sale, and  everything will be in order.
  5. Volunteer at least one shift, or volunteer to bring snacks/food for the event. After you’ve entered all your items and have your items in the store, you’re going to want to get in as soon as you can to shop for the best deals. You will go home from shopping SO HAPPY you have great items, and even HAPPIER when you realize you’re making money too! 

~Jennifer Rogers