Money Made Easy with Rhea Lana’s Consignment

It seems like my kids outgrow their clothes and toys as often as the weather changes in Arkansas! With each growth spurt I found myself boxing up the outgrown stuff and stacking it in the storage building. It didn’t take long for our storage building to get full, and then I started thinking about my options for all that stuff.


Garage sale? Too much work.


Sale online? Way too much work.


Donation? I get nothing for it.


And then I realized – I could consign my stuff at Rhea Lana’s. After all, I have been shopping our local sales for five years now. Obviously, people are making money from it or there would not be stuff there for me to buy.


Rhea Lana’s software makes it so easy to be a consigner. I quickly signed up through their website, read a tutorial on how to prep my merchandise, and then got to work. To start consigning, you basically need five things: tags, safety pins, plastic hangers for clothes, Internet access and your stuff. I also keep an ink pen in my supply box.



I admit that the first time I consigned it took me a few days to get everything prepped. With each event, I have gotten faster and more efficient with my process. I always start by washing all the clothes, pinning sets together, and then hanging them by size (my husband hung a clothes rack in our laundry just for Rhea Lana’s prep). Then, I tag each item and start entering them into the consignment system. I write my item number on each tag to make check-in night go faster.




Toys, books, shoes, and accessories pretty much go the same way – clean, sort, organize, tag. And then everything gets loaded into my car in the same order that it was tagged (it’s a process, but you will be glad you did).


Check-in night is always a lot of fun for me. Rhea Lana’s volunteers are scurrying around, moms are in deep thought as they put price tags on everything, and I get a sense of joy as I leave the building without all my unneeded stuff!


And then, the most addictive thing in the world starts to happen – I start tracking my sales in real time. The Rhea Lana’s consigner portal makes it impossible to not just sit around hitting the refresh button as you watch your sales grow and grow. This is my sales at the end of the most current event!



Of course, I always shop our event and since I have been consigning I have always made at least three times more than I have spent. Not a bad paycheck for a few days of prep work. As a typical consigner, you get 70% of your total sales. The events also have contests throughout the event to give you the opportunity to win gift certificates, and even a higher percentage of sales.


But what if you simply do not have the time to get your stuff prepped? Rhea Lana’s also offers a VIP option for consigners. There are only a few slots for each event, so you must contact your event owner well in advance of the upcoming event. With the VIP option, a Rhea Lana’s volunteer does all the prep work for you. You simply wash your stuff and then hand it over. In exchange, the consigner earns 40% of their sales. I have taken advantage of this option once and I was still very successful with selling my stuff.


So now that you are ready to get started, click on the “Events” option at the top of the screen. Click on your local upcoming event, and then click on “sign up.” Simply follow the instructions from there to get started. I promise, you won’t be sorry.


Arkansas Women Blogger Karen Weido lives in South Arkansas with her husband and two kids. When she is not working or chasing kids, she chronicles her family's adventures at Ting's Mom Blog. She also writes book reviews at Ting's Mom Books.