Moms Can Look Cute Too: Spring Fashion Tips for Your Own Closet

Do you ever get tired of thinking about your kids? It’s okay to admit it. It’s quite the exhausting privilege—having children who need planning for and loving on every single day for (at least) 18 years.

We think so much about our kids: what to pack for lunches, when to wash their jerseys, how to cart three different kids to five different parties, where their homework might be buried underneath piles of bedroom junk, what coordinating outfits they need for Fourth of July, and on and on. 

All of those are good and necessary thoughts. But do you ever think about you?

Remember #4 from How To Be Mom of the Year. Then take a minute to indulge in a little bit of fun fashion planning for yourself.

Hey, cute kids probably got it from their momma. Go ahead and dress the part with these spring fashion trends. 

1-Ripped Jeans Contrary to my 65-year-old dad and my 2-year-old daughter’s comments, I did actually intend to buy jeans with holes in them. It’s crazy, I know. But this spring I certainly won’t be the only one doing it. Jeans in any wash with holes in the knees and even frays around the edges are a must have for the season

2-Florals Pollen is in the air, flowers are in bloom, and everything is green. Ahhhh springtime! It’s time for your wardrobe to reflect the season with floral prints. Go bright, bold, or muted. Any flower print will do! Try mixing patterns and layers for the perfect spring look.

3-Ruffles Remember trying on your mom’s bell sleeves and pants as a kid? If she still has them, snag those treasures from her wardrobe and start wearing them! Ruffles and bell sleeves are in. These are feminine in design and flattering in girlish colors of pale pinks and nudes. Great for work or a night out with the girls.

4-Athleisure Honestly, this needs to be your momiform.  It’s no secret we usually spend our getting ready moments on the kids. Don’t sweat it. You can sport your athletic wear as leisure wear…even if you didn’t just hit the gym. Black leggings are classic and neutral. Tennis shoes keep you comfy for your day of tending to your family’s needs. And athleisure is so accepted you can wear it to the café for lunch with a friend.

5-Mule Heels Grab a shoe that’s trendy and easy to slip on. It’s the best of both worlds. Mule heels are durable, fashionable, and…is she pairing that heel with her running leggings? Mix and match these trends to get the most from your apparel.

6-Stripes Classic, versatile, timeless. What is better than black and white stripes? Dress up a striped tee by tucking it into a vibrant colored skirt. Dress it down with ripped colored jeans and tennis shoes. Layer a chambray vest or even a cardigan over it. Any way you wear this you cannot go wrong. Personalize it to make this look yours.

I know. You likely spent your month’s clothing budget on your kids. I did. But thankfully these looks are easy to find reasonably priced at local retailers like Old Navy and Target. If you saved some of the clothing budget for you, head on over to J. Crew or Anthropologie to try on their versions.

My mom always told me that it doesn’t hurt to be the cutest one. While our outer beauty is not the most important detail about us as women or as moms, it always make me feel better to know I’m put together. If that’s you, pick up a piece from one of these spring trends the next time you’re out.

By Tracy Lane