Moms, 10 Ways to Treat Yourself for Mother’s Day

Me and 15 other moms cried our eyes out at Wednesday’s Pre-K Mother’s Day Tea. Luckily my daughter’s teacher passed the box of tissues through the audience before the last song started. Our little darlings sang a choreographed tune reminding us that they’ll grow up someday soon. We got to see whose waterproof mascara was reliable.

And as sad as we all are thinking about our sweet little people growing up one day at a time, sometimes those days feel slow and long. Sometimes it’s okay to take a minute or two—maybe even a few hours—to treat ourselves for the busy, exhausting honor of motherhood.

Moms, you’ll be getting all kinds of heartfelt scribbled cards this weekend. Hopefully you’ll get at least a bowl of cereal delivered to you in bed. Maybe you’ll get flowers or be recognized at church. These are beautiful sentiments that celebrate Mother’s Day.  I hope you’ll also take time to treat yourself in some small way.

Try to squeeze in at least one of these over the next week:

1. Take a day off from chores. It sounds impossible, I know. But select a few household duties that you can let go for 24 hours. Then see if your hubby will pick up the slack on the rest.

2. Buy that Starbucks drink you’ve been eyeing. Yes, the S’mores Frappuccino has 490 calories. Just order it and enjoy it one day soon!

3. Assign the bedtime duties to someone else for one night. Most of us have amazing friends who would be willing to come by to read the stories and tuck the kids in for one night. Use that time to go to bed early if you’re lacking in sleep. Or sneak an episode of the Netflix show in your que.


4. Get lost in a good book. You don’t have to  find time to read it. Listening is a great option too for giving your mind a little reprieve in the middle of a hard day. Even better, talk about that book with someone else who has recently read it.

5. Get your nails done. You’ve probably already quick painted your toes to be showable in the spring sandals. Let a professional do it right while you relax. Make an appointment so you know you’ll keep it.  


6. Put the kids to bed early and enjoy a bubble bath.

7. Take a walk outside before the kids are up. Enjoy the sunrise and the sounds of nature welcoming a new day.

8. Go to an extra spin class this week. True, the sprint song is torture. But the endorphins will be worth it. 

9. Make your drink and fries large during one of your Chick-fil-a visits this week. (If you add a spin class to your schedule, this will be guilt-free too!)

10. Go to lunch with a friend during the workweek. Don’t talk about work.

Moms, you deserve to be treated the most. Your daily care of all the people who depend on you shouldn’t be taken lightly. You depend on yourself too! So take a little time to thank yourself too.