Maneuvering Through Life as a New Mom (Messy Hair and All)

Moms, do you remember, as little girls, playing house with your dolls?  Playing the role of mom seemed so magical and truly glamourous.   When I was pregnant, at the age of 27, I was told far too many times that motherhood was going to change my life.   My husband and I never really knew if that was meant to be a good thing, a bad thing, or a little of both.


I realized quickly that this MOM role would not follow the path I had laid out.    My life was now very different in so many ways, all good ways.   However, I had not realized how different I would become.  How I would see the world differently and interact with others differently. How I would worry about the temperature in the house and would panic immensely over someone driving too fast.  Didn’t they know that I had precious cargo on board?!   I found that my focus shifted more towards THE BIGGER PICTURE.   How am I going to master this new role as MOM?


To me, the first 12 months were impeccable.   For the most part, I had a very easy going baby and that allowed me to relax a little and enjoy that first year.   However, with every year, there are challenges that come as children get older and their personalities shine through.   Everyone warned me of the terrible two’s. To me, the two’s were the absolute best.   I burst through year 2 with flying colors, maybe even with fireworks!  I thought for sure I must be the best mom to the best kid ever!!  Little did I know what was around the corner.


Fast forward to the day after my daughter’s 3rd birthday.   My precious, perfect 2 year old, woke up with an OPINION.  Can you believe that?   I was not prepared for this.   I was not even sure if that was allowed.   I thought for sure I had at least 3 or 4 more years before she would have a voice.   As we were getting ready for church, I was grabbing the dress, leggings, and shoes that I had laid out for my daughter.  Much to my surprise, my now 3 year old with her new found opinion, decided she was not happy with my shoe choice.  So, she marched herself, with every bit of sass, over to her closet and pulled out the shoes she wanted.  All I could think was, good thing they matched. Next came fixing her hair.  My daughter loves braids.   I started braiding her hair like I have always done, and that’s right, you guessed it, I was immediately told that the old braid would no longer do.   The Elsa braid was in order.  What?!?!? I didn’t even know what the Elsa braid really was.   After correcting her as to how she is to ask for something, I taught myself the Elsa braid, thanks to YouTube.  Luckily, I was able to defeat my first big battle in this MOM Life!


So, you might ask, “What is this mom life exactly?” I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you it is adjusting to something new all of the time.  It’s learning how to get your kid to eat, teaching them their manners, and how to constructively and positively correct them when they are wrong.  It’s learning how to praise them and participate in their blessings and achievements.   It’s about becoming more than what your 10 year old self envisioned.  There’s so much more to it than just holding a baby and rocking it to sleep.  I am raising a self-sufficient child to one day be an educator, doctor, nurse, artist, or leader.  This mom life is truly the hardest job I know and will ever have.   There are days I wonder if I can truly master this MOM thing.  I think to myself, Is it ok to feed my child chicken nuggets 3 times in one week because I just am too tired to cook something new for her?  Will I be enough for my daughter?  


Well moms, the answer to all of this is YES!!   The Mom Life is not about being perfect and about having everything in order.  I mean, come on moms, we need to cut ourselves some slack.   We are doing a great job raising these little people.  If we go to work today with a messy ponytail, jeans and flats, that is totally acceptable.  You may have worked into the wee hours of the morning catching up on your laundry and cleaning the kitchen because you chose to play tea party with your child before bedtime.   It might just mean you only get 5 hours of sleep before you wake up and do it all over again.  It is important that we know we will still ROCK today and master this role as mom even if that means no makeup and messy hair.   Let’s embrace our roles as MOMS! One day, when our houses are quiet and empty, when our kids are grown and finding their own way, we will miss the sweet slobbery kisses we received from our babies and the dirty handprints on our walls.


The time is here.  The time is now.  Embrace it.   Need a little encouragement?  Check out this awesome MOM video.