Lynzie Brewer - Rhea Lana's of Edmond Owner

“I haven’t really figured out balancing this whole working mom thing yet,” Lynzie admitted. As a young mom with four kids ages six and under, she knows the value of every dollar and even more, the value of every minute!

Just like moms around the country who are working to love their families well and help provide what they need, Lynzie knows a good deal when she finds it. As soon as motherhood became her privilege, she began filling her kid’s closets with Rhea Lana’s consignment finds. And as soon as a child needed the next season’s size and styles, she ironed the outgrown bunch to consign it to the next family at a Rhea Lana’s sale.

She and her husband quickly understood that buying in bulk and earning their shopping money back in consignment earnings was the best way to stock up on their kids’ clothing and toy needs.

They had it figured out…until they decided to move from central Arkansas to the Oklahoma City metro area, where there wasn’t a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale yet. Lynzie knew what she had to do for her own family and for every family in the Oklahoma City metro area.

She and her husband decided they should open a Rhea Lana’s sale to serve the parents in their new community. Lynzie’s mom and dad, both longtime business owners, encouraged her that even as a busy mom running a business to help others like her, it would be a worthwhile investment in dollars and relationships.

Lynzie was ready for the challenge and the benefits. Her first sale event opens this weekend in Edmond!

She is already reaping the rewards. Being new in her community, she admitted that she hadn’t made a lot of connections yet…until moms started dropping off and volunteering in preparation for her Rhea Lana’s event. Mom after mom came by and conversation after conversation happened.

Lynzie realized she isn’t the only young mom in the Oklahoma City metro looking for a friend. She was able to connect with and encourage other women just like her. And she might’ve even booked a play date or two out of it.

She says that giving families an option for high quality and great value is nice, but her favorite part about bringing Rhea Lana’s to her new city is that she is bringing a new community, a new place of friendship and connection to an area where so many moms are needing it.

Lynzie is excited to serve and love Edmond well this week during the sale and hopes she gets to build relationships with other moms like her. She is also going to start right off giving back to her new city by inviting foster families to come shop the event for free.

If you’d like to see what Lynzie and the Edmond Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event is all about, check out the presale Saturday, February 24, or visit when it’s open to the public starting Sunday at 9AM! Lynzie will be happy to meet you and you’ll be glad to find everything your family needs for the spring season.