Kelly Stamps of KellysKornerBlog Hits Up Rhea Lana of Northwest Arkansas, Again!

Over the years, I have sold and bought clothes for my girls at Rhea Lana of Northwest Arkansas. Let me just say, I'm a huge Rhea Lana fan.  I shopped the fall sale last year and found all kinds of darling boutique clothes for amazing prices! I have also bought precious shoes, costumes and toys. 


I'm now VERY pregnant with my third baby, and it’s a boy! If I have learned anything as a third time mom, it's that there is no need to buy everything brand new.  In fact, I LOVE being able to buy equipment and clothes that are fashionable and still in great condition second hand.  Babies use things for such a short period of time that it only makes sense.  We weren't expecting to have a third child so I had already given away or sold most of our big things.  Or, they are all some shade of pink. 


Many friends have given me hand me down boy clothes and some have let me borrow a few things for us to use, but I still need a few things. So, off I go to the Rhea Lana of Northwest Arkansas sale this weekend to look for my missing pieces (and I am sure a few other great, adorable deals). It's been a while since we had an infant here, so I'm trying to give myself a refresher course on what we might need and what is really necessary before I go to the sale! 


I've been enough times to know that they always have an abundance of large baby items and toys, as well as, an enormous selection of clothes.  I will probably be on the lookout for an exersauser or a swing. Do you have a favorite? Everything at Rhea Lana's is always in good condition and I will be thankful for the money I can save!


Rhea Lana's is a win-win for both the buyers and the sellers.  I love how all the moms in the area pull their resources to help one another.  Whether you are expecting a baby or just have kids that need clothes for spring/summer, it is worth the time and effort to come out and shop. See you there!

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