It's Tea Time

Manners matter and a great way to teach your children is by hosting a tea party.

I want my daughter to know how to invite friends over, set a table, make people feel welcome and be able to prepare an afternoon for friends. I want to teach her to love showing hospitality. We typically throw together random tea parties in a matter of minutes at our home. They don't have to be fancy, the main ingredients are tea, friends and an open heart.

Recently, we did have a fancy tea party. A new local business opened up near us and it was all about Tea Time. I knew the moment the signs were going up that I was going to take my daughter (and son) when it opened.  It was an opportunity to put what we have learned into action and pick up some tips and ideas for our own random backyard impromptu parties.

How to Host a Tea Party

1. Make Invitations

tea party invitations

There are cute invitations all over Pinterest to give you ideas. Since I am not very crafty and I wanted this to be a hands-on learning experience for my daughter, I had her make them. After she emptied her arsenal of princess stickers and made the invitations, we sent them to a couple of her friends.

2. Dresses and Accessories

tea party dress up

Have a lot of dresses and accessories for the kids to play with. This Old English Tea House had the best dresses, hats, and antique jewelry for the girls to experiment with. For boys, you could have some hats and suit jackets.

3. Set the Atmosphere

tea party decor

Decorate! This Old Tea House had the atmosphere set with beautiful antique jewelry, dolls, a vanity and beautiful accessories. If you are throwing parties at home, just pull out some of your pearls and bracelets to help set the tone of the party.

4. The Table

tea party tablescape

In addition to getting all fancied up, setting the table is my daughter's favorite part of hosting a tea party. When we went to This Old Tea House for our fancy party, they had the table set beautifully with fine gold rimmed china, beautiful lace and mixed patterns. It was tastefully vintage and refined. When your daughter is working on setting the table at home, encourage her to use what you have on hand to make a pretty table setting. Little ones are sure to surprise you with their creativity. This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to set a proper table setting.

5. Menu Planning

tea party food

At our fancy tea party, we were served finger sandwiches, miniature desserts, scones and tea. This would be easy for you to do at home. Just make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and trim the sides to fancy it up. If you don't have a lot of time to make an intricate dessert, store bought miniature cheesecakes, miniature cupcakes, and cookies will do the trick and be a lot easier on you.

6. Tea

Some little girls do not like tea, and that's okay. You can have a tea party at home with anything you want!  Just put it in a pretty pot and pour it into your fancy cups and viola, you have a tea party. My kids love it when we mix sprite and juice for a quick tea party cocktail.

7. Have Fun

Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Eat your snacks, drink your tea, talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. That's what a tea party is all about!

So plan one today! You can throw one together in a matter of minutes at home. Have Fun!

Little Girl tea party

By Rhea Lana Blog Contributor Amanda Farris of