Hello Consignment Season. Let The Money Saving and Earning Begin!

It’s consignment season! It’s started getting really cold and there’s nothing better than helping us make it through the winter months than thinking of the summer ones!

One thing that the best consignment moms know is that YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL AT ONCE. Well, you can, but it will drive you crazy. We have lots of different things going on in our lives, so we typically can’t set aside 4-6 hours to get our items ready. So, follow this little plan and WORK SMARTER, instead of harder.


  1. GATHER YOUR ITEMS. Find somewhere in your house, a closet or a corner of a bedroom, where you can put a pile of clothes to sell. Put all sets together, spot check everything for stains and holes. Clean if needed.
  2. HANG ITEMS. This will mean gathering hangers and safety pins. You will need plastic hangers, small ones for up to size 10, and larger ones for over size 12, junior items and maternity clothing. You can use any kind of plastic hanger, or buy packets at the Dollar Store or discount store. Put shoes/small toys/books in large zip lock bags.
  3. TAG AND ORGANIZE YOUR ITEMS. After they’re hung, it’s easy to pin a string tag on the shoulder of your items. After your pin a tag on, organize all your hanging items by gender and size. Use your couch or a bed to make piles , and  then  you can hang them or put them all together. You could prepare shoes/toys/books and baby gear on a separate day, or use a tub to keep these items in.
  4. ENTER ITEMS INTO THE DATABASE. You’re all ready! Sit down with your clothes and enter each item. Put a small number on each tag (#1, #2, #3) is all you need. If anything gets out of order during moving, you will know right where they go.


Don’t wait until the last day to enter items. Sometimes sales have to close the database early because they get full!

You’ll have more fun, and make more money, if you take the time to do each of these steps carefully. THE BETTER THINGS LOOK, THE BETTER THEY SELL!