Hard at Work

The average American woman spends eight years of her life shopping. And if you enjoy a good bargain hunt, make that 8 years highlighting the Kroger ad plus 8 years rummaging through treasure in random driveways, backyards, and antique tents.

Women love to shop. But more than that women need a reliable brand to depend on, the most value for their money, and a community of other shoppers to join.

Last weekend, Rhea Lana’s proudly celebrated meeting moms’ retail therapy whims and necessities for 20 years. What started as one woman’s idea to swap kid’s clothes in her living room with friends has grown into a franchise serving almost 100 cities nationwide.

Rhea Lana started her children’s consignment events to help her family and bless others along the way. With this as the goal, now over 80 entrepreneurs are following in Rhea Lana’s footsteps serving their local communities with consignment events around the country.

These franchise owners gathered in Dallas, Texas, to encourage one another, inspire one another, and have a little fun.

Rhea Lana Riner, the heart and head behind Rhea Lana’s brand, shared her passion. She taught her business owners to “care enough.” Aptly spoken as a mother of three, wife of 30 years, and loved by all who know her. She demonstrates this daily on an individual basis with her corporate staff and franchise owners. She also shows her care for her shoppers at her seasonal consignment events. She’s known for inviting foster families to shop free, donating to women’s shelters, and offering to round out the tab for a family in need. Rhea Lana’s is truly a brand that cares.

Rhea Lana encouraged her franchise owners to “trudge through the mud.” Starting and owning a business is wrought with challenges. Most of the owners are wives, moms, and have other jobs. But, as Rhea Lana has, they press on keeping their purpose in mind. In order to effectively love and serve their local communities, they are committed to sticking with it.

 As Rhea Lana added, in trudging through the mud you might just find a diamond. That is exactly what Erin Franklin, owner of Rhea Lana’s Northland, Missouri has done. Erin was awarded Franchise of the Year and recognized for her creativity and ingenuity for growing her business. But mostly for her dedication to help families and bless others in her sphere of influence.

Two other families working hard to make a difference are Jennifer Ryan, owner of Medina, Ohio Rhea Lana’s and Chad and Jamie Allen, owners of two Tulsa area Rhea Lana’s, earned Rookie of the Year awards!  Over 200 awards were given to recognize the dedication to excellence that every franchise owner delivers.


After all that hard work, Rhea Lana invited her team to have a little fun. The women gathered for some friendly competition at a nearby bowling alley.

As you can see, Rhea Lana’s franchise owners are truly entrepreneurs with big hearts and big dreams who make a way for local shoppers like you to save big on your family’s needs. If you have an idea for a way that Rhea Lana’s can better serve your family let us know in the comments below. We’re looking ahead at the next 20 years, excited about clothing a second generation!