Happy National Boss's Day!

Happy Boss's Day. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we have to interact with our bosses every single day! Luckily for us we think we have the best boss! Here are a few things that we love about working with Rhea Lana!  We know a lot of you have worked with her too as volunteers or consignors. We’d love to have you add what you love about her in the comments.

  • Rhea Lana is appreciative and complimentary.
  • She allows us to be creative and implement new ideas or ways of doing things.
  • She is passionate about her franchise owners; she cares so much for all of them and truly wants everyone to succeed.
  • Rhea Lana is hard working. From raising 3 kids, growing her business from a single sale in her own living room, she is a dedicated woman.
  • Rhea Lana will never ask someone to do something that she wouldn’t do herself. You’ll find her sorting merchandise at events, helping customers, and staying till 3am to complete the closing tasks with her team.
  • She is so humble! You might be driving down the highway with her and see her face all over the roadside billboards, but she’s chatting motherhood and marriage in the front seat with you. She’s shocked when someone recognizes her and doesn’t expect any special treatment.
  • Rhea Lana knows her priorities and isn’t afraid to keep them. At any time she might have a million business tasks to complete, but she finds time to sit on her back porch, sip coffee, read in the morning, play tennis with her daughter, and chat about day-to-day details with her husband. She puts her family first.
  • Rhea Lana leads by example with kindness in her heart.
  • She is understanding, always asking about our personal lives and listening to what we have to say. 
  • Rhea Lana makes everyone feel appreciated. She makes everyone she encounters feel like a somebody and that is irresistible.
  • She never overlooks someone’s hard work, taking it for granted. She shows appreciation for the investment we all put in, and that makes us want to work harder.
  • Rhea Lana always has an open door for you personally too, not just professionally.

It’s easy to see why working for Rhea Lana is our favorite. She’s a treasure to be with and we all know how good we have it. Thanks, RL!