Hanger Tricks

One thing we've learned in the last 15 years is that the better you prepare, the more money you make. It may seem like it's taking you hours, but when you divide the check you receive by the hours you spent, you'll determine it was well worth it. Here are some hanger tricks to help you get things hung well so they sell fast!

OK, these are not really tricks but maybe new ideas for you! We want you to sell all of the great things you bring to Rhea Lana's. We know it takes work to get them prepared. So, we encourage you to use the right hangers so your items don't end up on the floor!

Clip hangers are the BEST for bottoms...but if you don't have enough... If you have other hangers that are the right size you can do this:

****Pull the pants over the arms of the hanger and pin them at the top. You'll need to pin them close to the neck of the hanger on each side. You don't want them to fall off during shopping!

Don't try to squeeze a toddler short on an adult hanger, it only works if the hanger is the size of the bottom.

A lot of people do this:

But don't! The larger pins make larger holes in the item and could tear it during shopping. ALSO, they always end up like this:

and they won't be sold because they can't be seen!

****If you have TANK TOPS you really need hangers with some kind of indention at the top so you can hook the straps:

If you put them on a hanger without indention they will slide off and be on the floor. This looks fine now, but on a full rack with hundreds of shoppers it WILL NOT STAY ON!

Some consignors try to put childrens tank tops on huge hangers so they will stay on, but using the indentations and pinning them on the hanger is best for those sliding straps.

****There are a couple of options on TWO PIECE SETS. The most important thing is that they are pinned together so they are not separated. We cannot put sets back together with thousands of items in the store.

Pin the pant to the back of the shirt. I use 3 pins to help with the weight of the bottom. I try to put the pins in the seams. This particular pair of pants is really light so it could be done like this:

If you attach the pants to another hanger, rubberband the hangers together. Don't use a a string tag to attach the hangers! Make sure they will stay together. Some people tape them, but it's not as good as a rubberband.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you pin the two pieces together if one of them breaks the outfit will still be together and can be sold. A volunteer will replace your hanger, but she can't match your outfit!