Gifts a Grown Up Gets Her Mom on Mother's Day

As a little girl my annual Mother’s Day gifts for my mom were something like messy painted handprints on a scribbled card, a painted heart on a rock, construction paper cookie cutter tracings, and maybe a word of thanks prompted by my dad around the lunch table.

Like yours, my mom ooohed and awed as if I’d given her a Hawaiian getaway. Those gifts were appropriate and appreciated when I was in elementary.

But now as grown up with kids of my own—hoping to get a few messy handprints myself this year—I understand the value of what my mother has done for me the last 30 years. And It’s time for us to adequately thank our mothers.

Here are 6 gift ideas for a grown up girl to honor her mom.

1. Written Tribute. This doesn’t have to be fancy. Instead of a sentimental card with a poem written by someone else, take the time to write a thoughtful, well-worded letter or story of gratitude and honor your mom for her formative role in your life.

You might focus on a few character traits your mom has. For example, strong work ethic: “Thank you for enjoying your career but always enjoying me the most. I now see how hard that balance can be.” Or focus on a specific set of chronological memories. “I remember stirring the chocolate chips into the bowl while I was little. Thanks for wanting me there beside you and for teaching me how to cook.” In short, summarize the impact your mom has had on you and recognize her for that by telling the stories of your life together. For help getting started, find some writing

2. Memories Frame. This is especially great as a combined gift from you and your adult siblings. It’s easy to pull together too since so many of your pictures are online. Print several meaningful photos from each family. Then include a short note or well-known quote about motherhood. Here’s a quick tutorial we found. You’re sure to see this hanging on her wall the next time you visit.

3. Mom T-shirt. Even though she has more time to get dressed now, she’ll love this comfy tee. Simple, straightforward, and of course she still enjoys being your mother! Available here.


4. Apron. Is your mom the typical host of Easter lunch, Christmas brunch, Thanksgiving feast, and well even Friday night dinner? If so, this is a practical gift that’s perfect for her. You might even fill a glass jar with cookie mix. Be sure to let her know your kids will drop by to help bake and enjoy the cookies and sweet time with her.

5. Coupon Book. You might’ve given this as a gift when you were younger. But this is an updated version your mom will enjoy. Fill a coupon book with special time together for just you and your mom. Include one Saturday lunch together, one Honey Do day where your husband heads over to help her around the house, one free tagalong as grandma for a weekend trip. Add in specifics to make her feel loved. Find a printable version here that you can personalize. 

6. Fresh Flower Bouquet. Every woman can appreciate a good spring bunch. Especially if your mom lives far away, go online to have some flowers delivered to her door. It will show you’re thinking of her on this special day.

Remember, it truly is the thought that counts. I guess that’s why my mom still has tattered, yellowing scribble scrabble cards in boxes in the attic. Simply take the time to tell your mom you’re thankful for her. It’ll mean the world to her.