Frugal Storage Solutions for Kid-Filled Families

When it comes to practical solutions for the home, toy storage is at the top every mom’s list. Thanks to the World Wide Web of ideas, do-it-yourself decorators everywhere can furnish a home without spending a load of money. Users of sites like Pinterest and Instagram post the most beautiful pictures of someone else’s used pieces being turned into another person’s treasure.


Thanks to those sites, I get to indulge in my love of old things while finding functional toy storage that is inevitably needed after having children. I like social media sites for the community, but also for giving me fabulous ideas on storing everything from Legos and Lincoln Logs to books and balls—all without my house looking like a the plastic tub section of a retail store.

Old trunks. These are great for storing large toys and for those tall books that don’t fit quite right in a bookcase. When the lid is closed, set a few coasters down and use it as your coffee table or work desk.


Vintage suitcases. Suitcases are a common find at flea markets, excellent for storing books (when closed) and displaying books (when open). When looking these gems over, make sure to open and shut the case a few times to see if the latches and hinges are in good working order.


Ladders. Yes, you’ll have to make it off limits for climbing, but ladders have many storage possibilities, especially with height as a space-saving advantage. Use old ladders for hanging children’s towels, storing stuffed animals and showing off artwork.


Crates. A little sandpaper, a couple coats of primer, and the paint color of your choice are all the materials you need to turn old wood crates into bookshelves.



More Tips


Using a notes app on your smartphone, keep a list of measurements for areas in your house that need storage solutions.


Don’t leave home without a tape measure.


Use the bottom drawer of dressers or file cabinets as accessible place to keep toys.


And, the biggest tip of all: head to the furniture area of a Rhea Lana event and check out all the wonderful gems that are waiting for you to take home, give new life, and love for years to come.


RL Blog Contributor Rhonda Franz