A Family Game Night Everyone Will Love

When our family has game night, it’s less of a scheduled tradition and more of an impromptu moment. We’re still in the season where we have to work though those interesting dynamics: a preschooler who has no affinity for the rules of board game, and two slightly older children whose competitive spirit makes for interesting wins (and losses).

Games can be great quality time for families. They allow us a glimpse of our children that we don’t always see in the day-to-day moments, and offer a wonderful opportunity to practice perseverance and sportsmanship. For us, sticking to some basic tenets helps simplify the game-playing process, and maintain the peace.

We bring on the snacks. The most important element of a great family game night isn’t the games at all; it’s the food. No round of Sorry Sliders or Sequence would be complete without bowls of crunchy snacks and a few sweet treats.

Popcorn for family game night
We consider the size (and age) of our family. We’re a family of five. As great as it sounds to kick back with a long game of Monopoly, we know such a game is not going to work out too well for us. Younger children might not be up for the skill and patience a long game takes, so we’ll save that for another year. We can always keep a running game going between adults and older siblings.

Favorite Family Game Night games

We play well with others. Some nights, game time is more than just a family affair. Getting together with friends for healthy competition gives us more options for games, and provides more entertainment for the children. Also, more people = more food. Win-win.

We set out activities and toys for the little hands. Trying for a few rounds of an intense card game is tough with little children around. We pull out some age-appropriate toys and puzzles for the youngest kids (perhaps a few things they haven’t played with in a while), and stay flexible with the interruptions that will inevitably occur. Rhea Lana’s Consignment sales are the ideal venue for finding bargains on games and puzzles.

Board games at Rhea Lana event

We move game night outside. Take advantage of nice weather by setting up at a table on the deck. Consider a few rounds of outdoor games on the lawn as well: Bocce ball, Beanbag toss, and yes—Croquet or a rousing game of Horseshoes.

Games that incorporate movement

  • Twister
  • The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That!
  • War
  • Charades

Homemade games

  • Bowling with plastic cups and a small ball
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Pick Up Sticks

Great Games for young children

  • Candy Land
  • Thomas (the Tank Engine) numbers game
  • Hi Ho Cherry-O
  • Matching/Memory

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by Rhea Lana Blog Contributor Rhonda Franz of CaptainMom.net