Easter Weekend Activities for the Whole Family

Traditions anchor families. They generate security. They create memories.

Memories enrich a family by giving us a common language of shared experiences.  I’ve enjoyed repeating some of the same recipes and traditions with my children that my mom shared with me and my siblings when I was little.  Like an invisible cord, these traditions tie us together through the years.

As you plan to celebrate Eater this weekend with your family, here are several creative ways to create traditions and make the time together meaningful.


1. Dye eggs.  18 eggs are only 99 cents this week at most local grocery stores. Grab a carton and get to coloring. You can find all varieties of boxed dyes, decorations, and stickers for a couple dollars too.

2. Go to an Easter egg hunt. Many local churches and city centers host egg hunts open to the whole community. Let us know in the comments of an egg hunt in your community! Lots of moms are looking for something in their town. These events are usually free too! Remember to take your pastel basket to fill with the goodies.

3. Include meaningful gifts in your children’s Easter baskets. A new shirt to wear to the sunrise service is great, but also add something that will teach your children about why we celebrate Easter. And if you want to forego the chocolate bunnies, here are some alternatives for various ages.

4. Attend a church service. Easter Sunday is known for church attendance. Join the crowds at a church near you. Many churches add services to ensure room for visitors and guests. Slip on those adorable Easter outfits (read our ideas for outfits here if you’re still undecided) and snap a picture before heading out the door.

5.  Host a festive meal. Holidays are better shared! Invite your family, friends, or neighbors to celebrate with you. This free printable Easter invitation from Ever Thine Home is super cute too! Stick these in your neighbor’s mailbox. Then prepare a special menu. Some of our family’s favorite Easter dishes are deviled eggs, spring salad, cheesy potato casserole, and resurrection rolls.



Happy Easter! We hope you delight and marvel in sacrifice made for you on this day. We’d love to see pictures of you and your family enjoying the holiday. Add a photo in the comments of your child’s Easter attire or basket fillers that were found at a Rhea Lana’s event.


By Tracy Lane