Don’t you wish you could get the Mom of the Year award?

The nice trophy, dinner out, maybe a pedicure. Super-Mom status is hard to come by, but clothing your kids should not be that hard.  Clothing your children at Rhea Lana’s will make you Super Mom, believe me!  I was introduced to Rhea Lana’s consignment sales when I lived in Little Rock, AR. I had just become a mom to a fun little boy and didn’t know how we were going to be able to afford all the clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys that growing boys need. We were graciously showered at his baby showers with everything he would need for the first six months of his life, but then what? (Can I put a plug in here for yearly “kid showers”?). Then, I learned about Rhea Lana.


As my boys (I had another one very shortly after our first was born) continue to grow, their needs keep right on coming.


At Rhea Lana’s consignment sales, I can get gently used clothing, toys, books, games, furniture all for great prices. Here are some of my favorite Rhea Lana perks:

1.Great merchandise under one roof. My grocery shopping adventures each week take me to two or three grocery stores. When I’m shopping for my boys, I can go to one place and get all of their needs. They have name brand and store brand. I like to think of special events that my boys might have coming up and plan accordingly. Definitely go with a list in hand.

2.Great prices and selection. I love having the opportunity to get in at the beginning of each sale for great prices or wait until the end of the week when they have half-price on much of the merchandise. I like to wait until the end especially for play clothes. And all the shorts, jeans, jackets, t-shirts you could want. A friend of mine loves their smock dresses for her little girls. 

3.Gifts. I love to give gifts to my friends who are always having babies. This helps my gift budget go further. I remember picking out sweet little dresses for some sweet baby girls. When I go I have a list of any showers I’m going to so I can stock up on gifts for the baby!

4.Volunteers. The volunteers are very helpful and nice and always are ready to help you navigate around the racks of clothes or help you with everything you are purchasing.

5.Consignment options. I’ve not done this yet but when the time comes, I can sell the clothes and toys my boys have outgrown and use that money to buy other needs. So often we are given name-brand clothes that our boys wear once or twice and then they’ve grown and it no longer fits. By consigning, I can help other families afford the boy stuff they need. 


Since moving from Little Rock, I thought I would have to give up my Rhea Lana shopping, but was very thankful to learn there are sales in the Atlanta area.

The North Atlanta Spring Sale will be February 22-28 in the Perimeter Expo Shopping Center - 1181 Hammond Dr NE.  (Downstairs in the old Off Broadway Shoes)


They have over 550 families consign at their Event of over 50,000 items! Follow them on Facebook and learn more about how you can go be Super Mom.


Kimberly Campbell is definitely not super mom but her husband, Eric, and two boys, Elijah and Sebastian, have her heart. Atlanta is home for now. She loves photography, traveling, cooking, and writing. She blogs regularly at and also heads up the Georgia Women Bloggers.