Consigning By The Hour

Still trying to decide if you want to consign? Some people say that it’s a hassle to prepare your items. We think maybe those folks don’t understand how much they can make if they have nice items. With over 70 franchises strong, and millions of items being prepared for Rhea Lana events around the country, we think we have a good system. See if this time chart will change your mind.

  1. Going through closets and drawers, getting out summer items that do not fit. Make three piles 1) good enough to sell, 2) pass down to friends 3) throw away. (2 hours) (no cost)
  2. Collect hangers from the back of the closet, or buy some $2 packs at Wal Mart. Hang all the items,  if they’re terribly  wrinkled or have a stale smell from being in storage, wash them all, tumble and hang right away.  (1-2 hours) ($6 for 30 hangers)
  3. Organize clothing by size on the couch or bed, then stack (or hang) in order. Pin a string tag (about the size of a quarter) on the shoulder of each item. (EASILY done before a movie is over, 30 minutes) ($2 for 100 string tags, $2 for 100 safety pins) 
  4. Log into Rhea Lana website, and enter items, put a small number on each tag so they stay in order as you enter them (#1, #2, #3…) If you don’t finish all at one time, you can save the list and start again later. (1 hour) (no cost)
  5. Bring items to check in day with a copy of the inventory sheet you made. We’ll have labels printed for you at no cost, and you will be helped making sure everything is hung correctly, in season, and in great condition.  (for 100 items = 1 hour)
  6. Over the week, we’ll sell your items for 5-7 days, at the end of the week, if you have 100 hanging items (not counting shoes, toys or baby equipment here), and you sell just 55% at an average price of $5.50… you’ll bring home a check for somewhere around $200… for  6  hours work, minus your expenses and the consignor fee…that’s around $33 per hour!

 We agree it’s more difficult than putting your clothes in bags and giving it away, but we also think that it’s such a smart way for moms to make money with things they already have.  We believe in the Rhea Lana system so much that every Rhea Lana owner has their phone number and their email on the website so you can call and get help! We would love to talk you through the process!  Getting a check at the end of the event is a highlight for many of our moms who otherwise, wouldn’t have extra spending money. Many moms put their checks towards spring break, summer vacations, or a bill they need to pay down. No matter your reason, we think we can help you sell your nicest things in a user friendly way. Check out the spring/summer Rhea Lana’s event near you:    ~Jennifer Rogers, Rhea Lana's of Russellville