Christmas Eve Traditions to Consider

Christmas Eve for most kids is full of excitement and anticipation. Making cookies, organizing presents under the tree, playing with cousins, etc. However, do you find that your Christmas Eve is lacking? Rhea Lana’s has compiled a list of several fun Christmas Eve traditions that you can easily adapt to your family.

The Giving Of Christmas Pajamas – let’s face it….you see all these photos of your friends on Facebook or Instagram with their kids in cute little Christmas pajamas and you think, why don’t I do that? Make it fun and let your kids open a present Christmas Eve night.  Have the PJs washed and ready to wear. Easy Easy!!

Bake Christmas Cookies – Let the kids work hard at making Christmas cookies with their cousins or just with each other.  Have some print outs of cookies decorated so they have something to go by.  However, encourage them to put their own spin on it.

Work together to complete a new Christmas puzzle. Turn the TV off, put the cell phones down and enjoy this family activity.

Go Christmas Caroling. Gather your family up after dinner and go sing to your neighbors. What else could bring such joy!!

Turn on your favorite Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. Traditions don’t have to be expensive or be a day full of activities. Just enjoy the down time and the calm before the Christmas storm of paper flying through the air.