Boredom Busters for Summer Days

Summer season might have just officially arrived, but we’re hitting about halfway into the summer break from school. The dreams of poolside lounging, road tripping, camps, and sleepovers might have waned a bit by now.

They don’t have to though! If your kids are announcing the age-old complaint, “Mom, I’m bored,” here’s an easy answer.

Make your summer worth it. We love this idea from Thirty Handmade Days. She suggests splitting up your summer hours into these categories:

1. Reading

2. Activities

3. Cooking

4. Quiet time

5. Random acts of kindness

6. Worksheets


The great thing is that the details of each of these categories isn’t all on you, Mom. There are creative ways to get your kids to come up with their own idea for fun. Like:

-joining a summer reading club

-writing letters to friends or family members in different cities

-committing a weekly random act of kindness

-scoring free movie tickets

-entertainment that isn’t tied to a screen

Check out her full post here that includes free printables and ideas for creating a summer binder. Remember, summer is a special time of extra moments with our children. Instead of dreading the days of boredom, you still have time to make your summer memorable.