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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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From Vision to Reality: Designing Your Dream Nursery with Mood Boards

Preparing for the arrival of a little one is an exciting journey, and one of the most enjoyable tasks is designing the baby nursery. From the moment I found out I was expecting a little one, I dreamed about what her nursery would be. I dreamed about all the bedtime stories, the getting ready for the day, the simple moments that I knew I wouldn’t want to forget. Whether it's your first child or an addition to your growing family, creating a cozy and enchanting space is essential.

Being an extremely visual person, I must see décor styled in my home to know what works. This leads to many dreaded trips to and from the store. When it came to designing my daughter’s nursery, I knew that I wanted soft colors, girly prints, and just a touch of modern flair. While trying to figure out where to begin, I discovered a little “mom hack” that helped me tremendously while designing my daughter’s nursery: Make a “mood board”!

How to Make Your Own Nursery Mood Board:

You can use Canva or your application of choice (I used Canva for mine). Shop around for all your favorite but necessary pieces: crib, rug, wall décor, rocking chair, lighting, storage, and any personal items you might want to add.

Once you decide on the perfect pieces, just simply screenshot the item and paste it into your file! You can move around your different items and see what works and what doesn’t! All without having to buy and return until you find the perfect pieces. Creating the mood board will save you time and money as you prepare the perfect homey space for you and your little one. Here was mine!

nursery mood board

Designing a baby nursery is a labor of love that enables you to create a safe, comforting, and visually appealing environment for your little one. You can transform a simple room into a magical haven where your baby can grow, play, and rest peacefully. So, embrace your creativity, enjoy the process, and prepare to welcome your baby into a space filled with love and warmth. (Pro Tip... you can find so many like-new treasures including baby gear and furniture at Rhea Lana's events, so be sure and check your local events before paying retail!) 
mom and baby girl in nursery

I am so happy with how my nursery design worked out and am so glad that I used a mood board to create my vision! Now my baby girl is here (somehow a whole year has gone by!) and we are creating memories that will last a lifetime in this little room.