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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Congratulations, 2023 Franchises of the Year!

Sisters' Success in Rhea Lana's Franchise of the Year: A Story of Hard Work, Commitment, and Family.

It's not every day that sisters run a successful business together. But for Mary and Susan, owners of Rhea Lana's of Bossier City and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it's not just about business—it's also about family.  

For the first time in the history of Rhea Lana's Franchise Owners Conferences, two franchises simultaneously took home the honor of being named Franchise of the Year. Franchisees for ten years now, they have shown that with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of #SisterLift, anything is possible. Let's look at their journey to success and how they manage two thriving children's consignment franchise businesses, all while being moms and having other full time jobs!


Growing up, Mary & Susan were always close. They shared everything and had a strong bond that extended beyond their childhood years. So when Susan introduced the idea of starting a Rhea Lana's franchise together, Mary was on board. They wanted to bring a Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment Event to their hometown of Bossier City. They eventually went on to open a second franchise in Susan's new hometown of Baton Rouge. 

Starting a business is never easy, but with the help of their families and the support of the Rhea Lana's community, the sisters managed to make it work. Besides learning the ins and outs of running their own business, both Mary and Susan had other jobs and children to tend to.

Mary and her husband, Randy, have a daughter, Emily (23) and a son, Ryan (20). Fun fact about Emily, earlier this year she and her LSU women's basketball team climbed their way to the top and are the 2023 NCAA national champions!

Susan and her husband, Jay, have a son named Hunter (14), and 12-year-old triplets, Miller, Austin, and daughter Mary Susan. If you've attended their sales you've most likely met their family members working alongside them. 

As their business grew, Mary & Susan stayed committed to their mission of providing quality items to families at affordable prices. They worked hard to maintain their standards and connect with other franchises to learn more about the industry. 

But it wasn't just about business for these sisters. Susan and Mary are passionate about helping families, and their work with Rhea Lana's allowed them to make a difference in their communities. They donated items to families in need and supported local charities, showing that business can be about more than just profit. Between their two franchises, they have hosted 32 events! This fall will be their 21st sale in Bossier City, and their 13th sale in Baton Rouge.

Picture of mary and susan at event

The Franchise of the Year award is always a fun, end-of-the-night surprise at the annual Franchise Owners Conference Awards Banquet. The few on staff that knew they were about to be named winners soon realized that Mary had left! She went to tend to her other passion, and was on her way to go coach a basketball camp. Thankfully, she was just a quick FaceTime call away, and for the first time ever, one of our award recipients was co-accepting via phone call. It was a funny and sweet moment none of us will soon forget! 


Now, as winners of the Franchise of the Year award, Mary & Susan have achieved a level of success that many entrepreneurs only dream of. But for them, it's not just about the accolades. Running a business together has brought them even closer, strengthening their bond as sisters and giving them a shared purpose that goes beyond their individual lives.

Their story is a testament to the power of hard work, commitment, and family bonding in achieving success. Their journey to becoming Franchise of the Year winners has shown that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible. Whether in business or in life, we should always remember that our loved ones can be our greatest allies, and that with their support, we can achieve incredible things.

Thank you, Mary & Susan, for inspiring us all! And, Congratulations, Louisiana...Enjoy the title! We hear their event theme this upcoming season is "We are the Champions!" Sounds like it's going to be a great event! Find a sale near you at