Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Meet the Rhea Lana's Corporate Team!

At the heart of our company is a dedicated and passionate team that works hard to support franchisees, promote sustainability, and foster a sense of community.

In today's blog, we want to introduce you to the team! We're so thankful for everyone's commitment and values that contribute to the overall success of this business. Led by Rhea Lana Riner, the founder of Rhea Lana's, the team works diligently to create and maintain a brand that customers can rely on. Through expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, we strive to build a reputation for providing high-quality products at affordable prices, making Rhea Lana's a trusted name in consignment sales.

One of the core values of Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment Events is to support families in their journey of raising children. Like our franchise owners, our corporate team is made up of moms and dads who understand the financial challenges that many parents face and aims to alleviate some of the burden by offering affordable options for purchasing children's clothing, toys, and other essential items.

At the RL HQ, we offer comprehensive training and support to franchise owners, enabling them to host successful events in their communities. Through these events, families can sell their gently-used items, declutter their homes, and earn money in the process. Each event also offers seasonal employment - offering additional opportunities for to earn money amidst tough economic times.

We believe in the power of community and encourage franchise owners to partner with local charities, schools, and organizations to give back and make a positive impact. These partnerships often result in donations of unsold items to those in need, supporting local initiatives, and creating a sense of unity within the community. Our consignment events are known for a fun, friendly atmosphere, where families can connect, share stories, and build lasting relationships.

Meet the Team! Click here to watch our short video.

Meet the Corporate Team Video

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