Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Before I became a mom I had it all figured out.  

I’d set my alarm to wake me up before the kids to ensure I completed my morning workout. I’d shower and get dressed for the day prior to waking up my little angels from their long night of uninterrupted sleep. I would make homemade lunches with heart-shaped sandwiches and perfectly wrapped pinwheels. I would put the kids down for their naps and I would spend that time cleaning the house, prepping dinner, maybe even read a few chapters from my new book. 

And then I became a mom. 

To be totally honest, I don’t know the last time I picked up a book that didn’t have talking animals. I order Door Dash way more than I’d like to admit. My feet have permanent red indents from stepping on the legos scattered across the living room floor. My kids are lucky to get a squeezable yogurt pouch to accompany their folded PB&J. And who needs an alarm clock? My kids are GREAT at waking me up well before the alarm has a chance to sound. That morning workout I mentioned. Sure! If you count sprinting to the baby’s room after watching her take off her diaper in the camera monitor. 

But being a mom doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health.

After all, you need to be around for a long time to make those delicious PB&J’s that your kiddo says only you know how to make just right! It’s important to maintain an exercise routine to ensure your health for years to come! What better way to squeeze in that afternoon workout than getting your child involved?! Below is a fun infographic that shows how you can help instill good fitness habits in your kids from an early age and model healthy behavior to them! A bonus: it will boost your energy so you can keep up with them and (MAYBE!) tire them out enough so you can find time for that book!