Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Packed closets. Scattered drawers. Piled toys.

It seems like our home is spilling over with all the things we’ve managed to stuff into it. Getting rid of the toys the kids no longer play with and sorting through clothes that are 3 inches too short for them can seem like a daunting task. It gets pushed back for another day and it slowly becomes so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start. Trust me, I’ve been there! 

But once it’s finally completed, you will feel accomplished, organized, and ready to conquer the next task that we know is sure to arise as a mama! Decluttering helps ease stress, boosts your mood, and improves productivity! Plus, you can take all those gently loved items to a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Event near you and earn money after you de-clutter and refresh! If you’re struggling on where to start, then you’ve come to the right place!

Have a plan. Set a deadline for when you want to have all your things organized and de-cluttered. Write down everything you want to go through—whether organized by room or by group such as kids’ clothes, your clothes, etc. It will help you stay on track and ensure that you get everything taken care of! 

Start small. Start with one drawer, or maybe a cabinet. Then, move on to a hallway closet or the bathroom vanity. Looking at one freshly cleaned-out space might inspire you to declutter the rest of your home, too. So, keep the momentum going by decluttering deeply in small areas, instead of decluttering a little at a time all across your home—because at the end of the latter, you have a full bag of donations, but no specific peacefully-decluttered space to point to.

Use the box method. As you move through items in your home, create a sorting system with 4 boxes—keep, throw away, donate, sell. You could also throw in a fifth box labeled Rhea Lana’s to save you some extra time when you get ready to consign! The box method forces you to make a decision about each item, rather than ending up with a bigger mess than you started with!

Avoid treating your home like a storage unit. Keeping something because MAYBE you might use it one day in the next five years comes at the expense of living in an open, breathable space. I promise, you don’t need the half dozen old cell phones that no longer charge or the set of sheets that have been in a bag in your closet since 2012.

Remember the first step to de-cluttering your home (and your life), is to START! The goal is to jump in with excitement and determination to ensure success! Grab your labelers, storage baskets, and trash cans, turn on some music to get you energized, and take steps to a more organized life! You’ve got this! 

Below is a quick video with our PRO TIPS for consigning at a Rhea Lana's Event!


**To consign your items, visit and find a franchise with an open database to get started reclaiming your home TODAY!**