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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Welcome - New Rhea Lana's Owners!

Our Rhea Lana's family keeps expanding, and we are so excited to bring our sales to more families across the United States! We are now in TWO New States!!! *Insert 'Cool Mom' Dance Moves*

This is wonderful news for more families now gaining access to affordable, high-quality secondhand options for their newborns through teens. 

A few of our newest franchise owners have completed training and are launching their first event in the coming days! Others will be training at our founding event in Conway, AR next week and will then launch their events later this season. We were thrilled to have them with us for our Annual Franchise Owners Conference in June, and know they are ready to hit the ground running as they serve their community.

Meet Marium - owner of our first Oregon franchise! She's launching her first event, Rhea Lana's of Grants Pass September 5-9! (Pictured below on the right with Rhea Lana during training at our Greater Little Rock Spring event.)

Marium says her family is the biggest part of why she loves and am a part of Rhea Lana’s today. She says, "I was a new foster parent 12 years ago and I was told that foster parents could shop for their foster kids for free. I was so blown away by the Rhea Lana's experience that I started working the sales just so I could shop early. I would consign as often as I could and the Rhea Lana's sales clothed my kids for years. 

When we moved to Oregon there was no Rhea Lana's sale here. After a lot of discussion, my husband and I decided we wanted to bring this amazing opportunity and experience to the wonderful families of Southern Oregon. My kids have grown up helping me when I was a consignor, now they are helping me run the sale. I love that this is a family business and that we can bring moms and families together through this business."



Meet Sarah and Megan, owners of our first Wisconsin franchise! They're launching their first event, Rhea Lana's of Pleasant Prairie August 8-13.

Megan told us that her now co-owner, Sarah, first took her shopping at our West Chicagoland sale. "I was definitely impressed! She told me, 'we need to do this.' I smiled and nodded and went about life. A few months later, with Covid in full swing, she brought it up again and emphasized what a need there was for something like this. After much prayer and thought we decided to go for it!" Megan says her favorite part about being in the Rhea Lana's family so far is that "the energy is contagious and the support is unmatched. I appreciate the professionalism and encouragement everyone in this company is."

Sarah found Rhea Lana's when she had her son 10 years ago. After first experiencing Rhea Lana's as a shopper, she became a Consignor. She says her favorite thing about being an owner "is that I get to own a business that I truly love myself and get to watch other moms be blessed by it."


Meet Nicole, owner of Rhea Lana's of NoCo - our newest franchise in North Colorado!

Nicole first consigned with Rhea Lana's of Midland, and thought about owning her own one day if she ever moved back to Colorado. She says she worked Natalie's sale to get experience for ownership, and when her family moved home she was ready to buy!

Her favorite thing about being an owner so far is "the team feel of everyone willing to help each other." 


Meet Karen - owner of our newest franchise in Georgia - Rhea Lana's of Cobb County.

Karen had never heard of a children's consignment sale when she was first invited to attend an RL event in Cumming, Georiga. Her husband's cousin, Mary Jo, had a 2-year-old and was raving about the sale and all the fabulous deals she got. Karen says, "I couldn't wait to check it out for myself since we were new parents with a 2-month-old. I couldn't believe all the quality items for a sale and the GREAT prices! Shortly after, I attended my second sale in North Atlanta, and my third sale in Cartersville - the rest is history! I hooked! I couldn't wait for the next sale! I marked my calendar for every Spring/Fall sale in my area and even started working to get in early. After a couple of sales I tried consigning to help offset my HUGE purchases, and again was amazed at how easy it was to sell all of our baby's clothes, shoes, and toys that she quickly outgrew or never used... Sound familiar? From my first RL Sale, I knew this was something I loved, enjoyed and wanted to be a part of. So here I am!"

I've only owned a franchise for a short period of time, but I would say all the love, support, and expertise you receive from the very beginning is amazing!! Everyone is so knowledgeable, supportive, and over the top friendly and genuine.  I'm so glad to be part of such an impressive, innovative, and hands-on group of leaders/owners.


Meet Valerie and her husband, Phillip, owners of our newest Mississippi franchise, - Rhea Lana's of the Delta.

Valerie found Rhea Lana's on Facebook when her college friend, Carley, posted about her sale, Rhea Lana's of Madison-Ridgeland. "I immediately wanted to attend because I love a deal, and started emailing her how to consign. I drove a little over two hours to consign and shop my first event - which was 3 years ago." Valerie says she loves the support she gets as a new owner. "Everyone is so eager to help you succeed. I have never been surrounded by so many motivating, empowering women!" 


Meet Krystal and Tonia, the new owners of Rhea Lana's of Springfield - now known as Rhea Lana's of the 417


Tonia and Krystal's friendship developed years ago when their boys started playing baseball together and became best friends. Tonia was first introduced to Rhea Lana's through the free foster family shopping event. She became a shopper, then an employee. She was on the leadership team with our flagship sales (Rhea Lana's of Conway & Little Rock) for the last five years. She introduced the idea of owning a franchise to Krystal who said, "Let's do it!"


Help us welcome and congratulate these new franchise owners! Welcome to the family, ladies!


Learn about opening your own Rhea Lana's franchise here.