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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Family Summer Activity: DIY Chalk Paint and Printable Stencils

If you and your family are bored of the same old arts and crafts, you might want to give chalk paint a go! Chalk paint is the liquid form of the classic writing and drawing tool. Perfect for those restless days, it’s one of the many at-home arts and crafts activities your family can try.

You’re probably wondering how people of all ages can enjoy the paint, but we’ve got you covered. The possibilities of chalk paint are incredibly versatile, so the entire family can use it however they like. By following just a few simple steps, you’ll restore your family’s creative energy in no time.

Keep reading to learn how to make DIY chalk paint and how each member of the family can use it. 


How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint

Creating chalk paint is super simple. All you’ll need are the following materials:

  • Cornstarch (2 cups)

  • Water (2 cups)

  • Measuring cups

  • Food coloring

  • Muffin pan

  • Paintbrushes

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary items, it’s time to make your paint! Luckily, the instructions are as easy as it gets:

  1. Mix two cups of cornstarch and two cups of water.

  2. Pour the smooth mixture into a muffin pan.

  3. Add some food coloring to make different colors.

  4. Download these handy sidewalk stencils, chalkboard stencils, and letters and numbers stencils.


How Each Family Member Can Use the Paint

The variety of downloadable stencils make it possible to create a wide range of masterpieces. When you’re pitching the chalk paint idea to your family, tell them how each of them can use the paint:

The Little Ones


For preschool children, there are a variety of ways to paint with chalk:

  • Use the sidewalk stencils to draw trees, flowers, animals, and other creations for your neighbors to admire.

  • Learn shapes by painting the triangles, circles, squares, and stars on the sidewalk stencils.

  • Discover the colors of the rainbow by using food coloring to draw connections between various names and pigments.

Elementary School-Aged Kids

Elementary school children can use chalk paint in their own ways:

  • Use the letters and numbers stencils to play outdoor games like four square and hopscotch.

  • Boost reading, writing, and arithmetic knowledge with the letters and numbers stencils.

  • Plan a playdate with friends and work together on a sidewalk mural.

Pre-teens and Teens

Possibly the hardest part about creating crafts for the whole family is engaging the teenagers (I guess they are just too cool for fun). However, with chalk paint, they’ll have plenty to do:

  • Create a decorative to-do list for the bedroom using the letters and numbers stencils.

  • Invite your friends for an art hang out by having a couple of clean chalkboards ready and using the stencils to make wall art.

  • Use your favorite song lyric or quote from a TV character and make a unique display with the letters and numbers stencils.



As parents, you might be used to sitting back and watching your kids enjoy the fun. But just because you’re adults doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Here are some ways adults can use it:

  • Ditch the scratch paper and use the letters and numbers stencils to plan weekly meals in a decorative way.

  • Create unique wall art for your home using the simple designs from the chalkboard stencils, as well as the letters and numbers stencils.

  • Assign daily chores for the family by using a customizable chalkboard.

Pro Tips

Before beginning, it’s helpful to know some pro tips. First, the paint mixture can go bad, so make sure to stir it continuously and use all the paint you make. For runny paint, add some extra cornstarch. Meanwhile, overly dense paint will need some more water. In addition, using a thick layer will make your paint crust, so be sure to paint in thin layers. Lastly, art projects can get messy, but chalk paint washes out easily. No need to worry about spilling!

We all know how tough it can be to motivate the whole family for an art project, but chalk paint is the way to go. It can keep the kids active, the teens engaged, and the adults interested—all in just a few easy steps. So, gather the whole family, make your chalk paint, and get started!


Madison Smith