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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Get Your Kids Excited About Brushing with These 5 Fun Printables 


Let’s face it — getting your kids excited about brushing their teeth can be a chore in itself. Whether it’s the taste of the toothpaste or children dislike adding one more step to their morning or evening routine, it can be a hassle to get them to brush their teeth (and brush them well!). 

To help make this daily routine a little bit easier, Auraglow has created five dental health printable activities to educate children on the importance of brushing to encourage them to keep their pearly whites bright as they grow up! 


1. Track Teeth Brushing

Use this teeth brushing tracker as a regular part of your child’s bathroom routine to ensure they’re brushing their teeth twice a day, everyday. You can also introduce rewards like extra TV time or another bedtime story if they don’t miss any of their weekly brushes. Click here for the free PDF Printable as seen below.



2. Add Stickers 

Print out these fun tooth stickers and put them on the bathroom mirror to remind children to brush their teeth, or use as fun rewards for great hygiene!  Click here for the free PDF Printable as seen below.


3. Leave a Receipt for the Tooth Fairy 

Create long-lasting memories by introducing the tradition of the tooth fairy leaving behind a receipt after taking your child’s tooth. Click here for the free PDF Printable as seen below.

4. Keep Track of New and Lost Teeth

Teach your child about baby and permanent teeth by keeping track of when they lose teeth and when new ones come in with this handy tooth tracker. Click here for the free PDF Printable as seen below.

5. Get Colorful

Let your child channel their creativity with a tooth-y coloring page that you can hang up in the bathroom for tooth brushing inspiration. Click here for the free PDF Printable as seen below.

We'd love to see your kiddos using these fun tools! Be sure and tag us on your social media :)