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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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10 Low to No-cost Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Hey, mom! With Spring in full swing, there will be lots of opportunities to get the kids and the entire family outside for some Spring fun! I’ve compiled a list of low to no-cost Spring activities for the entire family below. Remember, kids have such a vivid and innocent imagination. Even the activities that seem simple to you may be the most fun because of what your kids make of it! I believe both you and the kiddos will have a blast together, making memories and soaking in the Spring sun.

1. Have a picnic

Whether it’s in your backyard, front yard, or at a park, don’t think too much about it! Lay down a blanket, decide what’s the easiest for snacks and drinks, and tap into your kids’ imaginations!

2. Go hiking

Not only will this be a great exercise for the whole family, but you can also spot out beautiful trees, plants, and flowers to teach the little ones.

3. Plant flowers

Have a spot in a yard to plant some new flowers? Your kids would LOVE to be a part of this! You know that feeling of accomplishment? They will totally appreciate being able to help you plant new flowers. From planting to watering, and watching it bloom - you will have taught them the amazing skill of gardening! 

4. Play at the playground

Maybe this is your go-to with the kiddos? Switch up playgrounds if you can to change up your surroundings! Or you can create a new game every time you go to the park.

5. Go for a nature walk

Butterflies, birds, and bugs… oh my! Nature is an amazing teacher.

6. Backyard obstacle course

No need to go shopping for this unless you want to go all out! Grab some toys or pool noodles and let your creativity fly! The kiddos will love this no matter what it looks like. Be prepared to enjoy the giggles!

7. Visit a farm

Check out a local farm (usually free or low-cost) this season and let everyone enjoy a change of scenery! If there are animals to pet, that’s a bonus!

8. Go on a bike ride

Nothing like fresh air and a bicycle to make for a fun family activity. You can look into renting bikes instead of purchasing them.

9. Watch a new movie

Who doesn’t love a good new movie, some popcorn, and a cuddle sesh? This could be a Friday night family night!

10. Go on a scavenger hunt

Now, this is what I’m talking about!! Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt. Check out this simple list of items in your house that you can use for this hunt! Click Here for the Free Printable!

By: Cami Jones