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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Congrats to Our Newest Rhea Lana's Owners!

It's been quite cold and snowy around much of the nation, and it's also Consignment Sale Season! We have had owners all over the country navigating subzero temperatures, snow, ice, power outages and even busted pipes in order to keep doing what we do best - serving families in our local communities.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the Rhea Lana's family kept growing. This is exciting news for more moms now gaining access to affordable, high-quality secondhand options for their babies through teens. Because, regardless of what's going on in the world or with the weather - our kids won't. stop. growing!

Meet our new owners, ready to welcome you at their Spring Rhea Lana’s Event. 

If you're around New Orleans, Lousiana, say hello to sisters, Amanda Deeb & Megan Mouton



Amanda's first experience with a Rhea Lana's franchise was as a Consignor. She says, "although my name was listed as the Consignor, my sisters and I all contributed items. We tend to work as a unit! It has been wonderful to be able to sell our items while also earning some money to buy the next size up, or a toy to hold for a birthday or Christmas gift. We grew up with a loving mother whose hobby was to go to garage sales every Saturday. This served as our mom's 'me time,' and we quickly learned from her that there are many treasures to be found with this hobby. Taking it up a notch - this is how our love for consignment and 'up cycling' was born."

Amanda says she is very happy to be a part of the Rhea Lana family at this time in her life. "My children are getting older and it was a good time for me to try something new. I have let fear of the unknown hold me back from experiences in the past, but this time I knew the timing and opportunity were right! As a side note, I expressed interest in buying the franchise when the seller before Rebecca listed it for sale, but I did not get much of a response to my interest. It is funny how things work out. Back then, my twins were still young and it would not have been the ideal time. Things work out like they do for a reason! The opportunity to own a RL consignment franchise of our own was serendipitous & we feel it is a great match for us at this time in our lives! I can already feel the camaraderie and support  of the RL team who we have only just met. It's special and appreciated."

Follow Amanda and Megan on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of New Orleans & Visit their Spring Sale - April 18-22


If you're in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area, say hello to Jennifer Poteet (Left)

If you're in the Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas area, say hello to good friends, Brittany Smith & Tina Kirkpatrick (Right with Rhea Lana)


Jennifer's first experience was as a foster parent at the free foster parent shopping at our founding event in Conway, Arkansas. Jennifer says, "I heard about this through a foster parent Facebook page. I didn’t know what to expect but was blown away by the care given to each one of us. That first experience was about 8 years ago. I have been shopping for my own children ever since and when we have fosters I go to the foster parent night."

She says her favorite part of now being an owner is being able to help other families. "I have been on the receiving end of the sales and I’m excited to be able to give to others.  This includes buying great clothes for less and the donations to those in need."

Follow Jennifer on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of Pine Bluff & Visit her Spring Sale April 11-17

Tina was first introduced to Rhea Lana's by Brittany when she helped her consign at an event back in 2012. Tina says,

"I am excited to get to be able to help families afford great clothing! We are about to open our home for foster care so I also love the thought of other foster families being able to come at the end of the sale and get some much needed items!" 

Brittany's first Rhea Lana's experience was in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2012. She says, "I was pregnant for the first time, and didn't know the gender yet, but that didn't stop me from shopping my heart out! I shopped with the moms-to-be and I was ELATED that I was finally a mom and getting to shop for my little one. I was hooked at that very moment and volunteered the following sale so that I could shop even earlier."

Brittany loves that she can share this experience with other families and help them save money on everything their child needs.  

Follow Brittany & Tina on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of East DFW & Visit their Spring Sale March 28-April 1


If you're in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri area, say hello to April & Nathan Coleman (Left)

If you're in the Green Hills, Tennessee area, say hello to Patty Helland (Middle)

If you're in the Honolulu, Hawaii area, say hello to Alma Pennell (Right)



April & Nathan first shopped at Rhea Lana's of Jonesboro when their children were very little. April says, "we had heard about the event from a friend and really enjoyed shopping there."

April loves being a part of the Rhea Lana's family of owners who support and cheer each other on. "My favorite part of being an owner is knowing that I am helping other moms to clothe their kids and making their lives a little easier by helping them to sell their unneeded items and purchase new items for their kids at a great price."

Follow April & Nathan on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of Cape Girardeau & Visit their Spring Sale March 21-27


Alma found out about Rhea Lana's when she happened to be at her local mall when she noticed the sale in 2017.  She shopped and found some amazing deals.  She ended up becoming a consignor and shopper every event since.  
She says, "I love being part of a family oriented company with a focus on serving the local community.  Being a business owner has always been one of my dreams so this opportunity is a dream come true plus it offers flexibility in my schedule and a way to help support my family."


Follow her on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of Honolulu & Visit her Spring Sale March 21-27


Patty found out about Rhea Lana's through her good friend who is the Rhea Lana's account rep at Eventbrite. Patty had consigned at similar events when her daughter was younger but had never consigned with or heard of Rhea Lana's because they were not in the Nashville area. She says, "I always thought that children’s consignment events were great opportunities for parents to purge their kids stuff but when I started looking into RL franchise opportunities, I was excited to bring this company to Nashville."

Patty is excited about taking charge of her professional future while having a franchise network that brings lots of support, experiences, and advice. 

Follow her on Facebook at Rhea Lana's of Green Hills and Visit her Spring Sale March 7-11

Learn more about becoming a Rhea Lana's Franchise Owner here.