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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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You Are Enough

Love your BODY. Easier said than done, for most of us, I believe. Whether we are tall, short, plus size or a size zero, there often seems to be a voice telling us we are not good enough. Sometimes the voice is outspoken through words of others, through our culture, movies, magazines, Instagram, while other times it is an internal voice based on some insecurity, life experience or disappointment.

I have felt the sting of body shaming in many seasons of my life. I was told on many occasions that if I just lost weight, essentially my life would be better. I've been told not to eat. I've been told to go on a diet. I've been told my body is disgusting. I've been told I would never get a husband, and more. I was told by a boyfriend that he didn't notice me walking when he drove by because he just saw some fat girl.

I used to bury the pain deep inside and pretend like it didn’t bother me. But it hurt me, deeply. I remember telling my mom, “You’ll see. One day, a man will love me just the way I am and marry me.” And while I doubted those words, they became true. 

My husband loves me as I am, on my low days, in my pursuit of living healthy and in all the highs. He tells me he loves my body, even after I’ve had 2 babies and he’s seen it at its heaviest. He tells me I’m beautiful constantly. I believe him.

And, yet...

I still believe the lies from time to time. I let them sink in and do their damage. I look at myself in the mirror and some days I love what I see and other days I struggle. That feels real, because we are all truly broken. We all believe lies from time to time.

This journey to loving your body can be very hard, especially when we are surrounded by photos and words telling us we are not enough. Some of you reading this now, you know. Some of you have walked through eating disorders. Some of you have been told that you need to go on a diet. Some of you have been told you are disgusting. Some of you have been told you are too skinny and should eat something. Oh, the power of words. How they slay us and sometimes destroy us.

However, there are words that uplift us, encourage us, speak love into us. An example of some words we all need to hear… Your body is just as it should be. You are beautiful. You are strong. You look good. You are ENOUGH.

Our bodies tell a story. Of where we have been, what we have seen and where we are going. As moms who have given birth, our bodies tell the story of bringing life into the world. Our scars, our bumps, our wrinkles, our “fill in the blank”, are a part of us. A beautiful part of us. So, as we dance through life, I urge us to fight the lies and live our best lives, loving our bodies for what they are, what they have done for us and what they will do. 

Remember, your body and you are ENOUGH.

By: Danielle Keller