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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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A Letter to Our Owners

We began 2020 with a fresh perspective and new goals, like most of you when you turned the last calendar page of the previous year.  A previous year that feels like decades ago.  There was so much that we were looking forward to about a brand-new season for our company that it almost felt surreal when we found ourselves in completely unchartered waters navigating a global pandemic.  No one trained us for this.  There is nothing in our manual about how to run a sale when everyone’s normal weekly errands are shutting down.  We don’t have an addendum in our Franchise Disclosure Document that states the Dos and Don'ts of plexiglass barriers.  We don’t offer a training course on how to project hand sanitizer usage.  Just like everyone around us, we had to learn a new way of doing business.  We had to redesign our plans from the ground up.  We had to pivot and keep moving forward because even though we didn’t know what the next sale (or even the next week) would look like, we knew that we were still passionate about wanting to serve our families, masks and all.       

There are things we still don’t know about what is next.  Six months ago, we all joked about how 2021 would be the saving grace we needed, and here we are, staring a new year in the face and wondering what it will look like.  We may not have all of the answers, but one thing we do know – we have never been prouder of the hearts behind the Rhea Lana’s events that are happening all across our country.  Our sales are run by women and their families who are committed to serving their communities, now more than ever.  These women are fighting for their sales because they know it is worth it.  They are in their event locations, sticking 6ft distancing hearts on the floors, building plexiglass barriers for check out stations, wiping down shopping carts and tables, restocking hand sanitizer, checking temperatures, figuring out more and more options for a contactless experience – and doing all of it while smiling behind a mask for hours on end.  We have seen our owners step up and go above and beyond to create safe and socially responsible sales for the families of their communities, and our hearts have been overjoyed in the process.  As small business owners, we have experienced firsthand the hardships that Covid-19 has brought us, but it has only affirmed what we knew to be true about our events – we are in this together.  From the owner to the mom picking up shifts to restock the floor; from the gal upfront with a headset to the dad loading your big-ticket item into your trunk – we are in this together.  

To our friends, our colleagues, our sisters in business – thank you.  Thank you for sticking this season out with us.  Thank you for trusting us and teaching us.  Thank you for being willing to try and to learn.  Thank you for committing to the heart behind Rhea Lana’s and to the communities that you get to share that heart with every year.  It is a joy getting to serve with you; here’s to another year!

~ Rhea Lana and your Corporate Team