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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Get Your Kids Cleaning With These Five Fun Games

All parents understand the frustration that comes with seeing toys scattered on the floor, dishes left in the sink or clothes littered in the bedroom — or the worst of all, suspicious goop on the bathroom countertop. On top of running the household, having to clean up after aging kids can be frustrating. 

Well — what if the kids chipped in?  

It can be a difficult task to get kids to clean, but by teaching them fun cleaning games and making chores a family affair, you can teach your kids to be cleaner overall. Say goodbye to those sticky counter substances. 

Cleaning Race

On your marks, get set, clean! Get your kids to race to the finish line by doing their chores. To make it more interesting, place a reward for the kid who finishes their chores first. This will help them clean faster and also give them a reason to clean. You can use this timesheet to keep a record of their time while doing the chores so they can compete against themselves later on.


Chores and Ladders

Get your kids to climb the chores board and complete their chores as they advance. This cleaning game has easy gameplay. Each kid is given a token and a turn to roll a six-sided die. They move their token to whatever numbers they roll and do the chores on the space, then advance through the game board.


Dust Monster

With the help of this dust monster printable, you can easily turn your dustpan into a dirt-eating monster. So, when your kids sweep up their piles of dust, the dust monster eats up the dirt they have gathered. As an added bonus, your kids can color in the dust monster printable to make it all their own. 


House Hero


What if cleaning a bathroom was actually a life-saving super battle? Turn your kids into a sudsy superhero with this clean lantern superhero kit clean lantern superhero kit. Arm them with a broomstick and a washcloth, and prepare your kids for a battle against the dirt and bug forces that are threatening to take over.


Cleaning Mission


With a spyglass, a top hat and a nice coat, you have yourself a little detective who will help you find the dust bunny that keeps your house messy. Equip your kids with mission mission cards that contain the list of chores they are to do. Each chore leads them closer to the dust bunny, and by the time they get to the dust bunny, they will be done with all their chores.

Although we want our kids to learn clean habits and proper hygiene, we should always keep it fun and easy for them. Only give them chores they can do. And do not forget the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Always reward them for their hard work. Have fun trying out these new games with your kids at home.


Content Courtesy Of Emily Gibson ~ Siege Media