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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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2nd Annual Halloween Costume Winners

There's been a lot of voting going on lately, but this by far has been the most fun, right?! There were some tough choices and some stiff (but adorable) competition!

Today we’re announcing the winners of the 2nd Annual Rhea Lana's National Halloween Costume Contest. This contest begins at the local level, with submissions to their Rhea Lana's franchise. The top 3 winners from each participating sale advance to the National Contest! We opened the voting and had thousands of votes pour in for the cute, funny, and super creative costumes! We loved seeing how many of you have purchased costumes at your local Rhea Lana's sale!

First Place - Mom Life

The clear winner with nearly two thousand votes is Fynnleigh Bryant from Rhea Lana's of Lexington (Kentucky). She will be six years old in January and the costume was her idea. Her mom, Haily, told us:

"When she asked me, “can I be you for Halloween, can I be a mommy!” Of course, I was thrilled, she still thinks I’m cool. I guess being a mom of 4 kids five and under has its perks! I let her pick through my things of what she needed, she grabbed the baby carrier and laughed, “I’m a Tula Mom.” She also enjoyed my glasses and FitBit! The outfit she’s wearing, the oversized long sleeve and classic (mom) leggings were purchased at Rhea Lana’s of Lexington, Kentucky! So when I saw the contest, we had to enter.

When she won the local contest she was a very happy girl, she’s very competitive! When the National contest popped up, I didn’t think she would have a chance as I don’t have many people on social media, maybe 300 tops! So I shared her photo in the Tula Love Facebook group and after that, her VOTES blew up, she had over 1K likes in 24hrs! 

When that happened she started getting so excited and asking about the contest every few hours. She woke up this morning, and immediately asked if she had won! So when I received the information that she had won, to say I had one happy little girl was an understatement!

This year has been hard on her, as it has all of us I believe even as adults. She’s a very humble little girl, and she’s always wanting to help everyone around her. So to see her win, made my heart happy as a mom, as I’m sure it would any parent! Then she turns around and says, “can I buy me, sissy, and bubby’s something? All of us? So we can play together!” How sweet? 

Thank you for the opportunity! Can’t wait to shop in Lexington during the spring sale. Rhea Lana’s is our one-stop-shop for all 4 kids! From dance, gymnastics leotards, to strollers, books, and clothes!"


Second Place - Astronaut and His Alien

With nearly fifteen hundred votes, our 2nd Place Winner is Cylus and his little sister, Callie Jean from Rhea Lana's of Frisco (Texas). Their mom, Ashley, says five-year-old Cylus just started kindergarten and Callie Jean will be two in a couple of weeks. She told us: 

"Cylus has become increasingly obsessed with all things outer space and asked if he could be an astronaut and Callie be his alien. Cylus' Gigi found him a special space helmet to match his costume. The alien for a toddler was a little difficult to come up with so we decided she would be a Galactic space girl. She loved her bling tights and blue hair. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to enter. We had a good time sharing the contest."

Third Place - Raggedy Ann Dolls

With almost a thousand votes, our 3rd place Winner is Gemma and Vivian from Rhea Lana's of Baton Rouge (Louisiana). Gemma is eight months old and Vivian is two and a half. Caelee, Gemma's mom and Vivian's Godmother told us"

"These sweet cousins had a blast this Halloween. I knew I wanted Gemma to wear a sweet, classic costume, and what’s cuter than a Raggedy Ann? TWO Raggedy Ann’s! What a perfect pair they made!"


Honorable Mention - Covid and Germ X

We just couldn't leave out our 4th place contestant at over nine hundred votes because it's so appropriate for 2020! This is mom, Teri, and eleven-year-old Ethan from Rhea Lana's of Hot Springs (Arkansas).  Teri told us:

"Our Family does themed Halloween costumes every year and we try to pick something that is relevant to what is happing right now. This has been a crazy year so we thought why not take something that has had such an impact on our lives and turn it into something that we could have a little fun with for a least one day and bring a little laughter to others. So, we decided to go with the theme “The year 2020”. I thought about all the things that were associated with this pandemic and came up with our costume designs. (We even made costumes for my husband and parents. They were a Zoom meeting, America’s most wanted – toilet paper, and a big nose with a HUGE cotton swab). For our Covid and Germ X costume, I got some cardboard boxes and started to paint them. The Germ X took some time to get it all painted. I used pipe cleaners and pompoms to make the covid balls and then hot glued them to my painted cardboard cutout, my face mask, and to a construction helmet I got at a resale shop. We had fun making all the costumes and had even more fun wearing them and watching people laugh and react as we walked by."

We have so much fun seeing everyone's pictures - we'll do it again next year! So be on the lookout with your local Rhea Lana's sale. Find a sale near you here!