Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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A Photographer's Guide to Shopping Rhea Lana's

I was giving my kids a bath last week (I may or may not have bathed them since), and they were having a great time putting bubbles all over each other when my almost 4-year-old shouts, “Mom, take our picture!”.  I rolled my eyes and laughed at the fact that he thinks everything needs to be captured in a photo because of how many times I whip out my phone or my camera and beg for them smile at me or, even better, confuse them by telling them to not look at me and just keep doing the cute thing they were doing.  Please hear me when I say, I am a fan of enjoying the moments and not feeling the need to document everything, but this season has taught me so much, and there are definitely memories I want to hold onto forever and share with those I can’t be around daily…so yes, say, “Cheese!” …again.

We asked one of our friends, fellow local business owner, and Rhea Lana’s mom, Callie Sterling to give us some insight into how Rhea Lana’s is a part of the memories she captures - both as a mom and as a photographer.   


"I first began attending Rhea Lana's shopping events while I was newly pregnant last year in early 2019. The first event I attended was in Little Rock, AR and I wasn't even showing yet! I went with my best friend, and I didn't really know what to expect. She was already a mom of two and a veteran when it came to all things baby/kids! I have always loved thrifting and this was my kind of event! I remember coming home after that first trip to RL and I was so excited to look at all of the great items we found! It is like Christmas when you bring everything home and get to really look at it and get it put away in their closet. As a newly expecting mom, we didn't have any baby items, so it was amazing to take advantage of those great deals! 

My husband and I also own a photography company, Sterling Imageworks Photography, and we knew we would want to do a lot of sessions with our new baby, Elias. I have found countless, unique outfits from Rhea Lana's that we have used for various photoshoots. From newborn sessions that we did with him, to items for his recent birthday party, RL items have made appearances in our photos for over a year now! I love that a lot of the clothes are not ones that are found in stores right now, so they aren't outfits that you see a ton of other kids wearing at the time, giving your child more of a unique wardrobe! I can't stress enough to new and seasoned moms how great the prices are at Rhea Lana's. And the condition of the clothes often look brand new, and some still have the tags on the items! We have loved our RL finds and look forward to each and every event. It is also fun to attend with your friends! I usually go with friends and it is fun for us to have a moms day out, while finding great deals at the same time!"



The elephant and giraffe in his birthday party photos were both RL finds! As well as the cute clown jack-in-the-box that I used as part of the table decor! I think the giraffe was $35 and the elephant was $10. The giraffe is $100 currently on Melissa and Doug's website! 

Some of Eli's nursery items came from RL as well. 

The UCA onesie is one of my favorite RL finds as well. Jaison and I both are UCA alum and this photo is one of our favorites of our baby bear!

The outfit below is Matilda Jane (I didn't know they made boys outfits!) and I found this cute pair of dressy overalls that I had monogrammed. They were so perfect for this shoot.



So, at your next local Rhea Lana’s event, keep all of those future memories in mind when shopping our great selections at affordable prices, and be sure to tag us in your captured moments so we can celebrate with you too!  #RHEALANASFINDS