Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Congratulations To Our New Owner

It’s Fall, Y'all! The weather is beginning to cool down...And none of your kids’ fall and winter clothes from last season fit, right? 

But it’s also consignment sale season! Which is very reassuring to moms like us whose kids grow like (cute flowery) weeds! Rhea Lana's sales make it easy to keep up with the next size wardrobe and still afford all the things that come with the holiday season.

If you’re around the Cleveland, Ohio area, our new owner Amy will be ready to welcome you at her Fall Rhea Lana’s event. 

We asked our new owner about her journey to Rhea Lana's.

How did you find Rhea Lana's?

"I have Jennifer Ryan (owner of Rhea Lana's of Medina) to thank for my introduction to Rhea Lana's. Her sale area is located about an hour away from me, but I was seeing advertising for her sale in Spring 2019.  Keep in mind, I was not on social media, so the advertising that was reaching me was old-school marketing such as a listing of upcoming consignor sales in a Northeast Ohio parents magazine. I shopped Jen's Fall 2019 sale to compare with the competitor I was shopping and consigning with.  What a difference!  Jen's event was well-organized, in a convenient and well-lit location, had quality items, and I loved getting an itemized receipt.  Jen and I then met for lunch as I had questions for her about her experience with Rhea Lana's as a franchise owner.  Her friendliness, enthusiasm, Rhea Lana's website videos, and her support were instrumental in my decision to become a franchise owner in my area, the East Side of Cleveland."

What's your favorite thing about being an owner?

"I love the fact that I am controlling my own destiny and have made a decision that is going to benefit my family for years to come. Rhea Lana's is helping me to forge a path that will ultimately enable me to spend more quality time with my 5 year old twins, Audrey and Elliott."

Amy's first sale is October 11-15th in Willoughby Hills, OH. Visit her Facebook page here: Rhea Lana's of Cleveland East.

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