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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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That Was A Hard Decision

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve said this or have heard other mom friends state very similar phrases. For some, making the choice of sending kids back to school in person, virtual learning, or homeschooling was very hard. For some, it was easy, some are still in limbo and for others, like friends in California, the choice was made for them.

Wherever you are in this, we at Rhea Lana’s stand behind you, support you, and acknowledge that this decision was not made lightly. We know the social aspects, work pressure, family dynamics, and health considerations were all accounted for in your choice. We here at Rhea Lana’s had to make many of the same considerations.

 And you are still a GOOD MOM for choosing what you did.

Brianna, our Graphic Designer made the choice to continue homeschooling her children. “I question every year if this is still the right choice for them. I've learned that, as a mom, no matter which route you take, #momguilt is real. But really, I think it's up to us to make the most of the choices we make. I think once we decide what we feel is best for our family as a whole, we can choose to dig in and make the best of it.”

 And as a homeschooling mom, you might not think Brianna and her family are impacted, however “that's not accurate! In years past, we spent a lot of time out and about during the day; going to parks, the zoo, the trampoline park, museums, play places, etc. With the ongoing pandemic, a lot of the places we used to frequent are now closed, so we are having to figure out new ways to make our home fun and engaging.”

 Laura, our Instagram content creator is in limbo. With the first day of school looming, she is waiting to find out if school will be held in person or virtually. And Laura is not alone, waiting and hoping she can make that final choice when the time comes.  

Many within our communities have chosen virtual learning and are looking forward to extra time with their children with the assistance of their public-school teachers. Friends of mine have chosen this route because of personal reasons ranging from health concerns, a family member who is immune-compromised, and some who don’t want their schedules disrupted greatly if schools shut down again. 

Abbie, our Marketing Coordinator will be sending her son back to elementary school in person. “We didn’t fair too well with the virtual learning that took place in the Spring. He’s active and social, and we feel will do best in school around his peers, and also will listen and learn more from other teachers that are not us! We also both work full time and cannot homeschool.”

I too am sending my kids back to school in person. My husband and I went back and forth on what we wanted to do and chose this for multiple reasons, the biggest being work, and the social aspect, among other personal reasons. We do acknowledge that our daughter who is going into Kindergarten will have a very different experience than her brother had and sometimes I wish that wasn’t the case. However, the confidence we have in our public school has grown through this decision. The superintendent and principal have communicated all the procedures and precautions so well that we feel assured about our choice.

However, we were met with some criticism about our decision from others, including fellow parents. It was hard to feel that, to experience cruel words such as, “Do you even care about the health of your kids and others?” I’m sure I’m not alone in receiving the opinions of others. A friend of mine who chose virtual learning was told she was being too paranoid and needed to relax. I was hurt for her, to be met with such judgment. We are all trying to do the best we can. The path we are on right now in regard to our kids' schooling is a rocky road. It is filled with bumps, cracks, traffic, forks, and maybe even uncertainty for some.

With schools giving choices and others in limbo, one of our franchise owners, Jeanette from California has no choice but to do virtual learning. “As a parent, it does not feel good to have our choices made for us.  However, regardless of how I feel, I know that the way I present it to my children will make or break their experience as they start a year of new uncertainty.  I am going into this new year of distance learning with a positive attitude and a "rigid stance of total flexibility", something I learned early on in my young adult life.  As a family, we chose to try a new school out this year that we felt would provide a better distance learning experience for us.  They are leaving the one school they've been at where all their friends are at and trying something new.  I told them that we can always make a different decision if, in a couple of months, it is not working out.  But for now, we are going to embrace the change and try something new!”

Know that you, MOM, are doing a great job! No matter what your choice or circumstance (if you had no choice). We, at Rhea Lana’s, SEE you and KNOW you are making some of the hardest decisions that you’ve maybe ever had to make for your kids and your family. Keep it up!

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By: Danielle Keller

Rhea Lana’s Media Coordinator