Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Ways Rhea Lana’s is Keeping Your Family Safe 

Serving your family has been at the heart of Rhea Lana’s since our very first sale in Rhea Lana’s living room in the ‘90s! Each of our franchises is a small business, like many of your businesses are. We feel the financial impact that you’re likely feeling. 

That’s why we’re even more excited to finally be reopening our doors to you, our beloved community! 

Because we know the quarantine hasn’t stopped your kids from outgrowing clothes. It hasn’t stopped your bills from coming in the mailbox. It hasn’t stopped your need to create a safe home for your kids and family.  

For all of those burdens hanging over parents’ heads right now, we’re glad to be a frugal solution for your family. We’re so excited to welcome you back into our rescheduled late spring sales. 

You don’t have to worry one bit! You’ll be able to shop safely during each sale you come to. 

Some things will feel just the same: quality, value, easy to shop, friendly staff, one week pop up sale in your community. Others will feel a little different in order to prioritize the safety of you and your family. 

 You can expect: 

  1. Extra cleaning measures throughout each sale’s open hours and added precautions at the end of each night.
  2. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available for your use and convenience. 
  3. Social distancing standards to be abided by. We’ll be there to help at a socially safe, 6-foot away from you! And we’ll have our sales set up so that shoppers can maintain a safe distance from each other as well. 

You May See:

  1. Masks and gloves on all employees. Shoppers are welcome to wear a mask or leave it in the car. We’ll leave that part to your state or personal discretion. 

Sales are nationwide and all sales will be following individual state guidelines.

We are committed to keeping you safe as you consign and shop. Your family is our ultimate priority. It always has been. 

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