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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Lessons We Learned from Our Moms

Before partners or investors come along, moms can be some of the first supporters of determined entrepreneurs. In fact, mothers are often tasked with the hard job of raising a child to be independent, tough, kind, and creative — everything it takes to be a successful business leader. From tech giants to small flower shop owners, business owners around the world credit much of their success to the women who raised them. Some thank their mothers for the way they challenged them or for how their mothers led by example, but almost all of them thank their moms for their unwavering support.

For Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, his mom, Maye Musk was an inspiration. Between juggling jobs, providing for three kids as a single mom, and pursuing her dreams, she was an impactful role model. Maye famously said, “My kids benefited because they saw me work hard just to put a roof over our heads, put food in our stomachs, and purchase secondhand clothes.” 

Her hypothesis is backed by science. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, when children observe their parent’s attempt to complete a task, succeed, and talk about why that task was important, the child’s persistence was highest.

As moms raise their children day after day, they are establishing the building blocks for negotiation skills, cooperation, and determination. Below are some other entrepreneurship lessons we can learn from our moms.