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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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A Tribute to All the Quarantined Moms

By Tracy Lane

Moms, how are you making it through quarantine? We started enthusiastically with color-coded routine and chore charts.

At first did this feel like a tiny, mini reprieve from life? A chance to eat a lot of chocolate and not count the calories. A fun excuse for kids to stay up late camping out in the living room.  

The only thing is….now that mini-vacation has turned into a really long-term feeling norm. The excitement wore off after a couple of days of distance learning and way too many kindergarten class zoom calls. I personally would rather my 6-year-old play out in the sun than see her classmate’s dollhouse over zoom for an hour every morning. 

Except if you’re a working mom like me, you know you need that hour on shared Zoom so that you can put your headphones in and attend your board meeting too. Moms are strong, but this has been heavy. 

Kids are resilient but this has pushed routine lovers to their limits and free spirits to indulgence. I have one of each. And both of their rooms are complete crazy pits. How can I blame them? How would I even have the time to reprimand them for the mess? 

I hardly have time to feed them, phone scrunched on my shoulder at 5:15 pm finishing my last conference call, stirring the evening soup roux, while my boss wonders if I can hear him and my starving kids fight in the backyard.  

Is it over yet?

Some moms have posted about craft hour, homemade bread, hikes in the woods. More power to ya’ but I had my 2nd grader watch the recycling video instead of trying the recycling experiment. Hey just trying to make it over here. 

But no matter what kind of mom you are: stay at home, full-time employee, loving this, or entirely overwhelmed—you’ve been the most important part of this whole time at home. Mom, you’ve kept your house running.


-rewashed their favorite daytime pajamas by night, to be ready to wear the next morning

-wiped the disappointed tears of 2nd graders missing field trips

-invented drive-by birthday parades and made your kids think it’s a real party!

-led corporate meetings in your glasses with a snacking toddler in your lap

-prepared 3 meals a day every day for the last bajillion days

-created chalk drawings for hours

-made up games and puzzles and crafts

-said yes to another movie request


Mom, you’ve done this! You have loved your family. Kept your sanity. Mourned the losses and taught your kids to do the same. Celebrated the milestones. And kept it all going while stuck at home in an uncertain time. 

Mom, you deserve a medal (per usual). And we hope that your kids will say thank you in some small way this Mother’s Day. If they’re young or forgetful like mine, here’s a big THANK YOU from all of us at Rhea Lana’s. We’re a whole company of moms in the trenches helping and celebrating other moms doing the same. 

Mom, you’re appreciated!