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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Team Recycle for the Win


“Hey Jace, can you take this to recycling, buddy?” – one of my three-year old’s favorite chores is taking our recycling to the bin we keep in our garage to make the collection easy and almost effortless.  He loves breaking down (destroying) the cereal boxes and saying ‘bye’ to the friendly characters that have greeted him each morning the past week.  He enjoys shooting the bottle caps into the bucket from the back door or hearing the crash the cans make when they collide and the leftover water drips splash out.  

When my husband and I became parents, we talked about the values we wanted to instill in our children – a love of Jesus, being kind towards others, pursuing truth, having generous spirits…but we never really talked about helping them understand loving our Earth and being good stewards of our resources.  To be honest, we never really talked about that period.  I’ve always been on Team Recycle, but just because I grew up that way and love the empty space it leaves in my trash cans.  When I became a mom to toddlers, I also realized how incredibly conscious I was of waste – wasted food, wasted water, wasted stuff… kids waste a lot, and I hate wasting anything (Anybody else remember going to Grandma’s house and opening 5 different plastic containers to find the actual butter or cool whip???)! 

With the celebration of Earth Day this week, I want to commit to making a point to teach – not just scold my kids for leaving the water on too long or for throwing away a perfectly good banana just because you sniffed it and changed your mind – my kids about how precious this Earth is because of who created it, why He created it, and how we have been entrusted with its care.  

We can all do a little something each day to make sure we are taking care of the environment around us – whether it’s reusing that bottle for a sensory activity, turning those toilet paper rolls into binoculars for a neighborhood safari, switching off the water in between splash sessions, even shopping second-hand for fun treasures or adding those outgrown clothes to the Rhea Lana’s pile for the Fall!  

We have been given a crazy season of indefinite time at home with our kids, and I want to make sure I make the most of these moments to teach my tiny humans all about being better bigger humans.  What are some small steps you and your family could take today to make a more sustainable Earth tomorrow?

Several areas around us have temporarily discontinued residential recycle pick up, so we have been trying to get creative with what we do with our overflowing boxes and plastics (this weekend we are going to attempt to take our older kids on a field trip to sort our own recycling…could be interesting)!   

Below are a few fun ideas we are going to try next:

Recycled Building STEM Activity

Puzzles from Recyclables

Recycling Activities for Kids and Moms



At Rhea Lana's we're proud to be able to offer families a sustainable way to shop, earn money, and reduce their carbon footprint. We're all in this together! In honor of Earth Day, we rolled out a new company logo to reflect our mission of families helping families.