Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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It’s Easter week. But we’re all feeling a little sad that it doesn’t feel like anything special. My girls have matching dresses they were planning to wear on Easter Sunday. We had plans for Easter church, Easter lunch, and an egg hunt with friends. I heard even the Easter bunny tested COVID free just to be sure all precautions are taken this year! 

Thanks to all the Corona crazy it seems like instead of the annual celebration, it’ll be just another regular day. 

Which is even more reason to find a way to celebrate Easter this year. I think we’re all tired of the groundhog day twilight zone we’re stuck in for the foreseeable future. Let’s pick Easter day and make it a special occasion. Lord, knows we need it! And so do our kids!

So keep your traditions this year. Make it special for your family. Here are a few suggestions for little twists on Easter traditions you can still make work in the middle of a quarantine. 

  1. Wear your Easter outfits. 

    Yep, you’ll be sitting around your living room in your Easter dress. It sounds silly but do it anyway. 

  2. Take Easter pictures. 

    You didn’t get all dressed up for nothing! Once the bows and bowties are in place, usher your kids outside. Find a bright spot on your front porch. Maybe by the spring blooms. And capture the memory of Easter this year.

  3. Make the traditional dish. 

    What recipe says Easter to you? I cannot imagine Easter without deviled eggs! I’d much rather be eating the batch my mom made, sharing them around her kitchen table with all my siblings. But I’m still going to enjoy the tradition. I’ll boil a few eggs, and remind my girls we can feast at our kitchen table too. 

  4. Go to church.

    Well, I know. Church is closed. So you’re not actually going. But so many churches are live streaming services. Turn on the local livestream and remember Christ’s death and resurrection, which is worth celebrating in any situation we find ourselves in. 

  5. Gather with family.

    We’ll be missing all of our people this year. Why not Zoom or FaceTime each other in for the afternoon festivities. Far away doesn’t have to be far at heart. 

  6. Hunt eggs around the yard. 

No communitywide egg hunts will fill up the parks that are roped off with police caution tape. Ugh. Such an eerie time! Our kids will still appreciate, and might never know the difference, finding colored eggs right in your own yard. 

Easter isn’t canceled! It’ll definitely look different this year.  And in a lot of ways, you can make it look the same with choosing celebrations and memories with the people right in your own home. 

Happy Easter!