Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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“Where is the toilet paper?! Pasta is making a comeback, and what day is it actually?”

This basically sums up the past three weeks of my life, and I’m sure you may be able to relate too. I know each one of us is going through a different experience at home. This may feel like a break to some or it could be an anxious time for others. I just want to say we are here for you. We love you. And if there’s a way we can reach out to you, please let us know! Message us on Facebook or Instagram if you need someone to talk to. We are here to support other moms. 

We want to encourage you to take this extra time to support local businesses that need you now more than ever. Small businesses are the foundation of our companies. They employ our neighbors. Their dollars go directly back into our communities. Small businesses are the ones now helping our healthcare workers in numerous ways. It’s time for us to step up and support them. We may not be able to give them all the financial support they need during this time, but we can shift our spending to shop locally from now on.

  1. Shop at your locally-owned grocery stores. PS. These are usually the stores that have all the toilet paper.

  2. Purchase birthday & holiday gifts from small businesses. I’m not shaming anyone who purchases from Amazon, but if you have the time, make an effort to shop local. Call me radical, but I decided to discontinue my Amazon Prime account for this very reason. Amazon is easy, but $1 out of $100 dollars goes back into my community when I purchase from them. I’m already planning to fill my kids’ Easter baskets with local gifts!

  3. This next one is easy and FREE. Share, like, follow, and comment on local businesses social media pages. 

  4. Date Nights! Plan a bucket list with your hubby and fill it with all the local restaurants you want to eat at. You can start by having a date night at home and grabbing take out! 

  5. When you have an extra minute, submit a great review on Facebook, Google or Yelp.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for small businesses.

  6. Get to know the owners of your favorite local businesses. A lot of the time they are working in their storefront or running their social media pages. It’s easy and you make a friend!

  7. Send a quick DM on Facebook or Instagram thanking these businesses for their hard work. You would be surprised at how a few kind words could encourage employees or the owners. 

  8. Have the financial means to purchase gift cards now? Do it! You’ll have a fun treat to use after this chaos is over.

  9. Post on your Facebook and Instagram about your favorite local business! 

  10. If you want to take your support to the next level, reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce. See if there are other ways you can offer help and encouragement. 

Small businesses are near and dear to our hearts. At Rhea Lana’s, we have over 100 franchises sprinkled throughout the nation. We care about our communities and want to continue to see them thrive!