Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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You may have seen many neighborhood daily challenges being posted to your Nextdoor App or on Facebook. We (all moms around the world) are searching for new ways to get the kids focused on something that isn’t an iPad or video games. These neighborhood challenges are for families taking walks around the block while also observing shelter-in-place protocols. Our shelter-in-place days are seemingly multiplying. So, we are here to help. We’ve compiled 7 days of challenges for your neighborhood to tackle. This daily neighborhood challenge WILL make you the cool mom on the block. Check it out!

Day One:

Zoo Challenge: We are taking the teddy bear challenge to the NEXT level. Pick out your favorite stuffed animal and stick it in a window. As you walk around your neighborhood, keep track of the different animals you see. 

Day Two: 

Sidewalk Challenge: Draw different pictures for your neighbors all throughout the sidewalks near your home. Mamas, you can participate too! Leave an encouraging quote for all the other parents on walks. We all need a little kindness extended to us during these crazy times!

Day Three: 

Riddle Challenge: Let your kids choose a riddle they find funny or clever and display it largely on your front door. As you walk around your neighborhood, have your kids write down their answers. Start a thread on Facebook or Nextdoor app with the answers to the riddles. 

Day Four: 

Where’s Waldo? Challenge: Do kids still know who Waldo is?? Take this time to teach them the infamous Waldo! Either draw your own Waldo or print off a Waldo you found online and strategically place him in a window. Have your kids count how many Waldos they found on their walk around the block!

Day Five: 

Math Problem Challenge: Let’s all agree it’s time to take a break from common core math. Come up with an easy math problem and display it on your front door for the kids to solve!

Day Six: 

Neighborhood Pet Challenge: Draw each pet your family owns, hamsters included! Place them on the windows, and you can walk around the neighborhood to see all of the animals your neighbors own! Don’t have any pets?? No worries, it’s time for your kids to draw the pets they wished they had! 

Day Seven: 

Christmas Light Challenge: If you are a committed neighborhood, which if you’ve made it this far, you TOTALLY are, put up a few Christmas lights on a tree or bush.  If it’s warm enough, take an evening walk or drive around the neighborhood so you can see who’s actually the coolest on the block! 

Have fun & stay safe! We are here for you, mamas.

As you walk around the block, take pictures and tag us. We want to share your neighborhood walks on Facebook and Instagram!