Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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It’s spring! The weather is warming; the sun is shining. And none of your kids’ shorts or short-sleeve tee shirts fit. 

Yep. It’s happening at my house too. I just had to buy my seven-year-old new spring sneakers in size 4! It took a lot to not cry in the Target shoe aisle. Partly because of the size and partly because of how quickly I know I’ll have to buy another pair of new ones. 

But it’s also consignment sale season! Which is very reassuring to moms like us whose kids grow like (cute flowery) weeds! I can keep up with a next size summer wardrobe and still afford all the summer camp signups flooding my mailbox. 

If you’re looking for the same, meet our new owners around the country, who will be ready to welcome you at their spring Rhea Lana’s event. 


If you’re around Pittsburg, Kansas, say hello to Jenn Page. 

Jenn experienced her first Rhea Lana’s event six years ago in Joplin, Missouri. She tagged along with a friend who was shopping for her family. And says she was instantly hooked! 

The next season sale she consigned and worked the event for early shopping perks to get a better feel for all of it.  Within three years, she joined the leadership team. And the past two years she was the manager at the Joplin sale.  “You could say, I kinda like it!” she admits.  She decided to go all in and buy a franchise for herself in Kansas! 

It was about more than just looking out for herself when considering buying her own Rhea Lana’s. She says that when she heard the Pittsburg, Kansas location was available to purchase she knew it was just was this area needed.  

She’s excited to offer the community a great service that is unmatched in Southeast Kansas. Her favorite part of Rhea Lana’s is the value that Rhea Lana's brings to a community.

Check out Rhea Lana's of Pittsburg on Facebook and visit her Spring Event - March 20-26. 


If you’re around Metro Detroit, Michigan, say hello to Jillian Siedell. 

Jillian discovered Rhea Lana’s just a few months ago. She was looking to create a second income for her family when her husband sent her a link to the RL website. He thought it might be a good fit as a top ten franchise.  At first, she ignored the idea. But the next day her girlfriend posted on a Matilda Jane site asking if Rhea Lana’s was a good place to sell her MJ. That got her attention! She immediately texted her friend to ask more about Rhea Lana’s and clicked on that link from her husband. She jumped right into owning her own RL franchise. 

Her favorite part about Rhea Lana’s is the support from the company. She says, “I know I’m not just on my own. I will have help when and where it’s needed to succeed.” 

Check out Rhea Lana's of Metro Detroit on Facebook and visit her Spring Event - March 21-28. 


If you’re around Franklin, Tennessee, say hello to Jo Anna Robold.

Jo Anna found Rhea Lana’s when she was pregnant with her son, now 6.  She had heard the RL chatter from friends and coworkers.  And decided to take advantage of the Mom to Be perks to shop early.

“It was love at first sight (or sale),” she jokes. She has always loved a good deal, but equally appreciates cute and trendy clothes! RL was a match made in heaven.  

Jo Anna’s favorite part about owning her own Rhea Lana’s is the pure joy from making connections with other moms in her community.  RL has given her the opportunity to partner with two moms who are in the early stages of owning their own businesses.  She’s looking forward to more ways to help other business owners make a difference in their community. 

Plus everyone’s faces light up when they realize the benefit a Rhea Lana will offer to our community, family, and friends.  Everyone can relate to the partnerships her business is building with non-profits in the local community. 

Check out Rhea Lana's of Franklin on Facebook and visit her Spring Event - March 29-April 4. 


If you’re around Hill Country, Texas, say hello to Carlie and Maddie.

Carlie’s sister introduced her to Rhea Lana in San Antonio. Carlie worked the event helping sort the items and was hooked. Before long she attended meetings, processed VIP items, joined leadership, and finally becoming a part of Julie’s amazing management team. 

Maddie found Rhea Lana’s in North Atlanta in 2016. She was a brand new mama, in a brand new city, and new to the stay-at-home life. Something else that was new to her was the mental struggle of feeling like she wasn't contributing enough to her family not bringing in anything financially. Even though her husband was incredibly supportive and reassuring during this time, she was looking for any opportunity to save money or also bring in a little bit extra. When a new friend introduced Rhea Lana's to her, she was convinced this was the best thing. 

Her first consignor check made her so proud! When she and her husband found out they were moving back home to Texas just a few weeks later, the first thing she did was look to find the closest Rhea Lana's event. 

Sisters Carlie and Maddie agree that it’s a joy to hear moms bragging about their sales during event week. It empowers women to contribute to their families in meaningful ways. They can't wait to hear the excitement from moms at their upcoming event, knowing that they helped them do that! 

Visit Rhea Lana's of the Hill Country on Facebook and Check out their Spring Event - March 29-April 4. 


If you're around Moses Lake/Wenatchee, Washington, say hello to Kaila and Whitney.

Whitney was a Consignor at Wenatchee's first event in 2016. She said that once she started putting her items out on the floor she saw the quality items and knew she wanted to come back in to shop. She says, "I have been hooked ever since!" 

Her favorite thing about being a part of being an owner is the support she receives. She says, "I have never owned my own business before, and to come into this with no previous experience it was so comforting to know you have an entire team guiding you and pushing you! The team is amazing!"

Kaila's first RL experience was in 2015 when she was pregnant with her daughter.  She says, "The closest RL event was Moses Lake, which was about an hour away from where I lived. I had received a postcard tucked in my front door and little did they know I was pregnant and eager to shop for my little one's arrival. I was so eager to shop that I was more than happy to drive an hour to see what Rhea Lana’s was all about! I signed up for a free mom to be presale pass and asked my mom to join me. I left that event with adorable clothes, my most favorite maternity outfits, awesome baby gear, and an immediate love for Rhea Lana’s. It was a wonderful shopping experience and I was hooked. I haven’t missed an event since! And by the way, my mom left with just as many shopping bags as I did, as she happily shopped for her grandbabies!". 

Kaila's top favorite things about being an owner is serving her amazing community while simultaneously promoting environmental stewardship. "I absolutely love my community and RL events are such a wonderful way to serve our local family’s! I am also passionate about sustainability by reducing waste and reusing. How amazing is it that I get to be a part of a company that allows me to combine those two things? Truly a dream job!"

Visit Rhea Lana's of Moses Lake on Facebook!