Your toddles's party of a Budget
Posted on Apr,16 2019
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Moving can be tough, especially if you have kids. While adults are usually able to get through the stress of packing with a new home in sight, kids don’t always have that understanding. Instead, they feel like they are being uprooted from a place they love. 

This feeling can be even more extreme if you are moving a far distance. Moving out of state means leaving friends and family and entering into an unknown territory of a new school. Luckily, there are ways you can make this transition easier on your kids. 

Check out the 10 tips below to see which ones you can lean on when moving. 

  1. Tell your kids you’re moving ahead of time. Allowing at least a month for them to process the move will prevent them from feeling blind-sighted by the transition. 

  2. Be understanding of their reaction. Often times kids will have a negative reaction to moving. Let them know it’s okay to feel scared or worried and have an open discussion about feelings. 

  3. Explain why you’re moving. Putting a reason behind the move will show your kids that a lot of thought went into the move. Be sure to mention all the positive and exciting things that will come with this new home. 

  4. Involve them in the packing process. Rather than packing behind their back, involve your kids in the process. This will make them feel like they are included in the transition. 

  5. Say goodbye to your old house. Take the time to say goodbye to your old home so that they feel a sense of closure. 

  6. Familiarize your children with their new home ahead of time. If you are moving to a home in the same city, take them to visit the house. If you are moving farther away, show your kids pictures of their future home so they know what to expect. 

  7. When you move, allow time to explore. Exploring the new home and new neighborhood will allow your kids to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. 

  8. Keep their room the same. Having the familiarity of the same furniture and decorations in their room will create a stability and make them feel more at home.  

  9. Highlight the positives. There are many good things that come with a move. Focusing on a new room or fun backyard with make the transition easier. 

  10. Keep in touch with your old neighborhood. Go back and visit your old neighborhood and make plans to keep in touch with your kid’s friends. Knowing that these people aren’t gone for good will make the move less intimidating. 

One way to focus on the positives and explore your new home is with a bingo scavenger hunt game. Simply print out these bingo boards from ApartmentGuide and give every family member a board. Have prizes ready for the first person to get five in a row (Bingo!) and the first person to fill out the full board. 

Kids Scavenger Hunt Bingo

-Alex Heinz