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Posted on Apr,16 2019
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A Behind the Scenes Look at New Owner Training

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Rhea Lana’s new owner training? If you’ve been to a Rhea Lana’s event, you know how organized, clean, and orderly everything is. You know how helpful the staff is. 

But how do they make it look so easy?

We’re giving you a sneak peek into new owner’s training: a fun-filled week passing on the passion and fundamentals of Rhea Lana’s for every new franchise entrepreneur.



Every new owner has to start with the basics. That would be the mission of Rhea Lana’s. To Serve with Love and Integrity, Families Everywhere with Inviting, Excellent and Valuable Children's Consignment Events. But this is something most of our owners already believed in before they came to RL. It’s something that we continue to cultivate, yet we find that if this is you then RL is always a fit.

Seasonal events are the main expression of our brand and business. Owners need to learn how to find the best local space, where to find the racks and hangers they need, and display. So merchandising is a big part of training day 1. 



Sure you could put the clothes out in any old way and diligent shoppers will do the digging. (Goodwill outlet, anyone?) And we won’t give all of our secrets away, but the retail industry has clear data to show how shoppers like to shop. Plus what kinds of setups actually serve the customer. We stick to that. 

Rhea Lana’s owners are taught how high to place their hanging racks, how tightly to squeeze in those newborn outfits or how loose to stretch the rack so you can actually see the darling ruffles fluff on the adorable toddler dresses. You can be assured that the RL owners know how to set up shop the way it’s best for busy moms and dads hunting for good deals. Everything is organized for an easy find right at your fingertips. 


Computer and Software

Day 2 is a lot of computer and software training. Which is important! Because Rhea Lana’s created and owns the most userfriendly software in the consignment industry. It’s complete with voice entry, an app with live updates of your earnings during the sale hours, and the easiest payout system to cut consignor’s checks at the end.

It’s a lot to learn because it’s so much good stuff that our owners lovingly master for our shoppers’ and consignors’ convenience. 

In the Community

Your first exposure to a Rhea Lana’s event might have been from seeing a big billboard around town. But if you’re like most of us, it was from a face to face invite from another mom or dad we knew. 

That’s the heart of Rhea Lana’s. Moms helping moms in actual day-to-day. So our new owners learn the importance of networking in their local communities and inviting their communities to become active in supporting each other too. 


Peer to Peer

And who better to teach the ins and outs of owning a Rhea Lana’s than current owners themselves. This is a favorite part of the RL training set up. New owners don’t learn from a video or a distant CEO or training coordinator. New owners work alongside current owners running a real live event.

All the training is hands-on so the owners get to practice it in real-time. That is a way that learning works. 


Enjoy the Event

The fun of Rhea Lana’s is the excitement of the moms waiting in line and finally getting to raid the goods. The new owners are front and center for the pre-sale energy, interacting with the parents in line, offering bags and carts, and checking them out with their bundles at the end of the night. 

Rhea Lana’s owners leave training with an even more intense love for the brand, the parents, and our mission of moms helping moms. Ready to spread the love for consignment and community in their local lives. 

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